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Time Does Heal

I'm new to this site and I've been reading some of your posts.
I lost my first child, Olivia Grace in 2007, she was 40 weeks full term, and stillborn. Both myself and husband were obviously devastated and thought life really wouldn't get any better.

I just wanted to say that time really does heal - anybody that has lost their child will never ever get over it, but believe me, there is a light at the end of the ever long tdark tunnel.

I am pleased to say that I have since given birth to my second daughter, Amber, and she will be three weeks old tomorrow, and although we will never ever forget Olivia, Amber has filled that empty space in our hearts and we know that she will always have her guardian angel looking over her.


  • Dear alleycat

    Welcome to BabyExpert! Congratulations on the arrival of Amber. Enjoy every minute!! I have an 18 month old boy and the time has gone so quickly.

    Thank you for giving us encouragement for the future. I lost my daughter Grace almost 4 weeks ago, she was born prematurely at 24+1 but died after 10 hours. I feel numb and can't believe this has happened. I am very lucky to have my first child who keeps me busy but I so wish we also had our beautiful daughter.

    Perhaps if you feel able you could share your story of Olivia with us sometime. I am very sorry that you lost your first daughter, as you say, you will never forget her.

    George, x
  • Thankyou for taking the time to post on here. I ditto everything that claire said really.

    I too am lucky that one of my twins survived and is now 7 weeks old on Wednesday but I cannot express properly the grief I still feel for Eve. I cry nearly every day just thinking about her but I know that time will make things easier, as you said.

    Many congratulations on your darling Amber and special thoughts to her guardian angel, Olivia.

  • Thankyou for showing that there is some truth in that little word 'hope'... image congratulations on little Amber and I'm sure Olivia will be watching over you both xxx
  • hi alley cat my son also was fullterm he died during labour 4 weeks ago i have 2 boys also but i'm so empty inside i cant see the end of the dark tunnel , did u get a reason we havent had a postmortom we didnt think it was fair on charlie we had a cromozone check done and we will get results when we go back to hospital i'd like to hear your story if you dont mind talking about it love to you and your angel in the sky xxxx
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