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Attending a Sand's Meeting?

I tried to attend my 1st Sand's meeting last night but only got as far as the car park & bottled out. Its in the grounds of the maternity hospital & I saw excited visitors going in & ladies looking out the windows for their visitors.....I just sat crying thinking that should be me in there.

So ladies, have any of you been to a meeting? I think fear of the unknown kept me hiding in my car! Next time its in another hospital & my hubby said he would come too but we don't really know what to expect???


  • Hi wooly,

    don't think I have 'spoken' to you before, I just want to say how sorry I am that you lost your beautifull babies. I had followed your story from when you posted saying you were expecting quads... We lost our daughter Darcey at 38 weeks back in February, previous to this I suffered a misscarraige at 10 weeks. I believe all our babies are now angels in the sky, getting up to lots of mischief I'm sure! Anyway big hugs for you xxx

    as for sands, I haven't attended any sands meetings either. For similar reasons, one being the location of them and two the unknown, three, we are currently ttc and I don't want to hear everyone elses 'sad' stories because then I'm sure I will just worry even more. If that makes sense?... Anyway if you do have the courage to go, would you mind letting me know how you get on?. I'd be really interested to find out. Thanks, take care missy xxx
  • Thanks for your kind words. I will let you know. They have them monthly here so it won't be until October now. They have befrienders & I might try to see one of those before the meeting. Again, picking up the phone might be the hardest part. I will be sure to share what ever info I can find out x
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