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your all truly amazing!!!

hi ladies
im sorry to gatecrash but i just wanted to write a post to say i cant believe how incredibly brave u ladies all are.I cant believe after all what u individually have been through u are able to be on here and support each other through one of the hardest things anyone should ever go through. I thankfully have no experience of what its like to lose a child however my younger sister had a baby girl in june 06 ,she had a fairly straightforward pregnancy until she started noticing her movements werent right but was made to feel a nuisence by the hospital so never went the last time and her daughter keira was born still :cry: ..just 6 days after id had my ds was one of the hardest times of my life ,i felt joy of my son but guilt and saddness for my sister.
i tried to speak to her over the phone but didnt have the words ,i couldnt bear to go to the funeral of my neice which i now feel has come between me and my sister because she was going through utter hell and i wasnt there for her .....

i just needed to write to u all and i guess write down about my sister because although i cannot by any stretch of the imagination know what u are going through i have felt a similar pain along with survivors guilt.

i wish u all the very best for the future and u now have your beautiful angels looking down on u and helping u through life

lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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