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Welcome to Due in October 2014!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm HelenBX and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in the same month as you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the BX team, please do shout!



  • Thanks for adding the forum Helen image

    Today I found out that I'm pregnant with my second baby. Based on my LMP my due date is 06/10/14.

    Looking forward to getting to know the other DIO mummies, I made some amazing friends on these forums when I was TTC my first and when I was pregnant image xx
  • Hello! My estimated due date is also 06/10/14. I found out when I think I was 9dpo. This is my first pregnancy and still can't quite believe it!

  • Hiya, congratulations

    I think my due date may be the 06/10/14 too, but have to wait an see at dating scan because iam sure it will change.

    This is my second pregnancy my DD is 6 months old.

    Having a early scan Friday, due to past history (dont expect to see much) but just hoping that it shows my pregnancy is coming along nicely image

    I haven't got much symptoms yet just on and off nausea plus heavier boobs, how about you two ?? X
  • Congratulations ladies! Laurageorge I only tested yesterday at 23dpo haha. AF has been all over the place since it returned a few months ago (DS is 15 months) so I thought it was just my cycle being weird.

    Queenasanti I have felt a bit queasy for the last week and had a couple of migraines, but the thing that made me think I might be pg was that I feel totally normal! Normally pre-af I get horrendous skin and moodyimage

    Good luck with your scan! Xx
  • Hello, I'm due Oct 15th and got bfp 2days ago. I keep having small cramps and fatigued. The cramps are a little worrying but I had them with my second child. Anyone else having those?
  • Yes I'm sure the estimated due dates will change! I've been having af like cramps. I have also had a couple of really quite painful cramps at night which, after some googling, I think are due to trapped wind?! I'm not sure if that is due to pregnancy or taking all these vitamins! My boobs are uncomfortable and slightly swollen. I'm not nauseous but do seem to feel more hungry. I also have bad skin image On the whole feeling fine though and excited/scared!

  • I remember having cramps with my first around this time, I can't remember the reason but I remember it was all normal. Will have to dig out my pregnancy books again! 

    I told OH tonight, I was in too much shock yesterday! He is pleased but shocked too haha. It really hasn't sunk in xx

  • Hi all, looks like my post disappeared before! Got my bfp a couple of days ago but lines are still really faint and af isn't due until fri so a bit cautious. No symptoms particularly, although if i remember rightly the morning sickness didnt start until about 6 weeks last time, not looking forward to it! This will hopefully be #3 for me, due 17th oct. Got dd age 4 and ds age 2, looking forward to chatting to you all!

  • Hi! I'm Charlotte and I'm live in Sheffield. I got my BFP on Sunday. Due 16th October. This is my second baby as I've got a nearly 3 year old called Jessica. Looking forward to getting to know you all x

  • becksf77 My morning sickness started at exactly 6 weeks last time, I'm already feeling nauseaus! Aww I'm sure all is fine, will you test again?

    Hi charleymoo, congratulations! image

  • Oooh, lots of people - hurrah! And welcome to you all!

    Thanks for prompting us to start this Due in October topic, Sian - and hope your OH has got over the shock by now!

    Welcome to laurageorge: do you believe it yet?

    Welcome to Queenasanti: hope your early scan tomorrow is reassuring.

    Welcome to Samantha: sympathies re the cramps. I had them early in my second pregnancy, too. You may find this article useful/reassuring. Hope so!

    Hello becksf77 - and welcome. Can heartily recommend three children - although you do tend to run out of hands!

    And welcome, too, charleymoo: congrats on your second pregnancy! Is that Jessica, as a baby, in your pic? She's lovely!

  • Aww thanks Helen. Went to bed sore last night and my pubic area was swollen and one side more so. I woke up fine though. My third pregnancy was ectopic so I wondering if some of its scar tissue and the rest ligament bother.

    Congratulations everyone image
  • Nice to see a few new people on board, still not much symptoms for me yet, almost to the point I keep forgetting that iam pregnant, this time in my last pregnancy I felt sick everyday and only pure orange would help, just goes to show that every pregnancy is different.

    My scan went well all measuresments were ok in line with blood results, have another one in 10 days hopefully will see a heartbeat image

    Just booked my midwife booking appointment
  • Glad it went okay Queenasanti xx

    Thank you Helen. She's even more lovely now. Love her to bits!

    I'm feeling really sick already. Got to work and came straight home yesterday and didn't even try today. I don't remember this bad at all last time, but was husband assures me I was the same. Think I've blocked it from my memory.

    Congratulations all of you. Don't think I said that yet x

  • Queenasanti that is great news! When is your midwife appointment?I've not been to GP yet, I have an appointment next Weds.

    Charleymoo sorry to hearing you're feeling so sick image I think our minds make us forget the bad parts so that we're not put off doing it againimage
  • Hi sian, thanks girls,

    my midwife appointment is 28th feb guessin I will be around 8 weeks then, I cant wait to have a proper due date because my cycles were a little varied over the last few ranging between 24 to 26 am not to sure deffo going to be the week of the 6th x
  • Hi everyone, I'm due 8th Oct and this is my second pregnancy, 1st one gave me my Daughter whos 18 months image Ive got no symptoms other than cramps, im booked in for a scan at 8 weeks as I had some spotting last week , fingers crossed all will be ok!x
  • Welcome LolaG88 - and congratulations! Hope your scan goes OK.

    Lovely to hear your scan was good, Queenasanti. Hurrah!

    Hope everyone is doing OK - and coping with all the sicky, sore, crampy stuff.

  • Hi LolaG88! I hope your scan goes well, I'm sure all will be fine but it's hard not to worry isn't it! 

    Arrrgh feeling so sick tonight :/

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