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pregnant and due in October 2014 anyone???

Hello ladies, I bad 3+ hpt's on 11th Feb and (from lamp) am 5wks 5days pregnant and due on 15th October! I wanted to start.  Thread so everyone can share stories and experiences about their ttc journey and pregnancy. I have 3 Dd' s already and have had seven misscarriages over the last ten years. I am 31 dh is 35 and we are really hoping this is a sticky bean. Can't wait to "meet" you all and hear your stories image xxxxx



  • Congratulations!

    We have same due date, which is also my oldest's birthday lol. He is 11 image

    Finally getting around to visit the gp tomorrow.
  • hello huni as you got i got a faint bfp on monday

    im 29 and other half is 30, we have a little boy aged 18 months and last year i suffered 2 m/c with in 6 months, xmas eve was when i had my d&c.

    Im taking 1 day at a time as i know how quickly it can be taken away from me.

    Iv only 1 ovary and tube so i know when the line gets darker i will have to make that call to my doctor.....

    Think my due date will be around the end of october so im a few weeks behind you girls xx

  • keepthefaith huge congratulations xxxx so glad to see this!!!! you might've mentioned it on the other thread but I somehow missed it!! all the best throughout your pregnancy xxx



  • Hello lovely ladies!!! Congratulations and welcome aboard image samantha that is brill!!! Same due date never "met" anyone due on the same day as me. Out of My three girls two of them have birthdays ten days apart in March and this one n my eldest will be in October I will be having a section so it will be born two weeks early and within days of my other daughters birthday, expensive months March and October lol.   I haven't called  gp yet (naughty girl lol) I will be doing it in the next week or so, I am kinda enjoying it bein  Mine n dh's little secret too much to give it up to a flurry of doctors just yet lol. I am high risk so LOTS  of appointments! All worth it though. image Sarah, hey hunni, you have kept me in TOTAL suspense lady haha, again an ENORMOUS congratulations to you, we will ride this crazy train together and pray for our sticky beans. image  rosapenny!!! Hello hun!!! image so lovely to hear from you and thank you! image I hope you are well hun. How is everything going for you? I have looked  for threads for updates and one  you were on Clomid from 2012- early 2013ish I do hope it ha  worked or will VERY soon for you hun  you have been in my thought  often. Baby dust and sticky bean dust to all xxx


  • I think they might make mine a c section. I had c section with my oldest and tried a trial of labour with my daughter but they whisked me me off for an emergency anyway. I had another operation where they removed my fallopian tube too. I don't know whether they will let me try again.

    Congratulations ladies x
  • image

     todays test chloe xx

  • Samantha i also have had a tube and ovary removed xx happy and healthy 9 months to you xx

  • Congrats hunni image i only have the 1 tube now & had a m/c last september both within the space of a year ;( but i am now 7 weeks to the day and taking everyday as a blessing although i am not entirely enjoying the pregnancy as i am scared if anything happens but i am thinking positive too to keep myself at ease even though ive had my 6 weeks scan showing baby and heartbeat which im over the moon about but il always have that feeling! Also i am due 8th of October & i wish you a happy & healthy 9 months xxx
  • Hi everyone, interesting to hear everyones stories, yet all very similar, I had a mc in jun 13 then a ectopic in aug 13 with removal of tube, got BFP in dec 13, went on the deliver dd in the summer 13, and here I am again also 7 weeks today and been for another scan today and seen a heartbeat, I guessing my due date will now also be the 8th October, good luck to everyone x
  • hi shaz and queenasanti

    i lost my ovary and tube due to a twisted cycst i had no idea what was going on, i was busy packing my car to move out from my mums into my own place, then i remember the pain and being rushed to hospital when i can round i couldnt move they had cut me open like a c section to remove it due to the size, they said it was the size of a small mellon! i thought my life was over for sure, but then 6 month later i got with my man and we fell pregnant a year and a bit into our relationship and now hoping this time its 4th time lucky for us....well he will be when i tell him...

    any ideas of fun ways to tell him??????

    Happy and healthy 9 months to us all xxx

  • Wooo lots of October babies! image welcome aboard lovely ladies  and a huge CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Here's to a happy and healthy nine month.. woooooohooo Sarah that is mega!! I commented on the other thread but when I saw it again I got all excited for you again haha congratulations hunni. We DO seem to have a lot of similar stories don't we!!!  Can't wait to be sharing our scan pics etc eeeeek!!!! Xxx


  • Samantha, have you ever had a planned one hunni??? I have had two emergencies and one planned. I was  awake for the first one asleep for the second as there wasn't time to get an epidural in and my last one was planned and I DREADED it, comparing it to the other two. (I was  awake for the last one too) I cannot tell you how different a planned section is to an emergency!!  It was sooo relaxed and actually enjoyable!  I deffo won't be as nervous this time. Also on my planned section I got the date they we r  going to do my section when I was only 23 weeks which was  fantastic to know what date she would arrive that far in advance. I hope that happens for us ladies  having planned sections this time. Who will be finding out the sex  and who is staying team yellow??? Xxx

  • Hi chloe i will upload a pic tomoz for you as well image

    im going to have to find out the sex when it comes to it, cant wait the whole 9 months il go mad lol

    either way im not fussed just nice to be able to get a few personlised items ready for the big day xx

  • Keep the faith no they were both emergencies under general anaesthetic so haven't witnessed my kids being born lol. At least with tge second I got to see her when I woke up, didn't meet my son till he was 25hours old. I'm thinking this one is probably going to be planned and if so WOW lol, even if I'm not going to be awake it would be an amazing experience. image x

    Sarah, that sounds quite a traumatic experience. As for ideas I wouldn't know lol, my idea of telling my OH was to call him and say 'your swimmers swim'. Wasn't the most special way I could have put it.
  • Queensanti its amazing how many of us only have one tube image Congrats on seeing the heart beating.

    I'm going to be finding out the sex but personally I would rather have had a surprise. I have a boy and a girl already so I think that reduces curiosity in itself lol. image
  • with my son it was a bit strange coz the doctors told us before we even know lol

    in may i phoned him saying iv got good news and bad....bad news is im going to get fat! good news is 9 months of sex when u want lol 

    in october i did a clear blue digital and left it in the kitchen have done it again my stud! 

    this time im thinking either taping the test to my belly and write 8 months still cooking time left....

    or my dear friend said cooking him a breaky saturday and leave the test on the plate...which i also like,

    or wrap a test and pop it in his work bag saying open but handle with care......

    which do you think girls????

  • I am joining this Oct 2014 thread!  I just got my BFP this morning after years of TTC.  

    EDD: October 29th image

    YAYYYY, I don't feel like this is real yet.  Somebody pinch me. 

  • i cant remember my last pregnancy date but im sure about the month its december.. having some phobia cause my first baby who died inside me hope this one dont ! god bless everyone #prayingfortwins

  • hello Suzy Q image CONGRATES!! think our dates are very close indeed xx

    Niket im sorry for your loss huni, i know and understand your fear try to relax and happy and healthy 9 months babe xx

  • Hi niket, congratulations on your pregnancy and here's to a happy and healthy nine months. Xxx


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