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Admin - please can we have a new thread in the baby club forum for all those babies due in Oct 2014 as I know we've had quite a few BA's recently & it would be nice to have somewhere for us all to continue to chat & discuss how are babies are getting on. Hopefully my baby will arrive this month but I will still post in the thread even if he doesn't arrive until November!!



  • I agree would be nice to share how everyone is getting on! X
  • Hello. And ooooooooh, so lovely to hear all this baby news!

    And yes, you folks DEFINITELY need a Baby Club.

    What we thought we'd do, if it sounds like a good idea to you lot, is move the whole of the Due in Oct Baby Club down into the Baby Club area, so that you don't lose all your pregnancy threads and everything's all in the same place.

    We'll probably hang on a few more days before doing this - we need your baby to make an appearance for a start, Blackkat!

    So, in the meantime, we'll start a special new thread here for everyone who's had their baby and would like to keep on chatting - that's all of you, right?image

  • Thanks Helen, I'm not sure baby will be here before the end of the month but I love the idea of moving the whole of this thread to the baby club section.

    Looking forward to seeing some pictures & reading details of birth stories (for those who want to share x

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