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Had your Oct 14 baby? Yay! Come and chat about it all here

Hello hello. This is a (very excited) new thread for all of you Due in Oct folks whose babies have been born.

Do come and tell us all about your new baby and how you're getting on.

And do please post up some pics, if you have a mo. We'd love to see your babies!


  • Hi.

    Had twins on 26 August 2014

    My cute babies are two months old. image

    We call them "Boo boo" & "Sia " temporarily till we decide an official name for them .

    So, my girls were born through Elective C section.( " boo boo" was breech )and I was put under general anesthesia . I was put a drip in my arm and catherer in bladder. Then I dont remember much. When I woke up, I heard my babies voice ( the best sweetest moment)

    They weighed 7 lbs .
  • Hi Kia, hope you've managed to name your babies now. You might find more advice & support in the birth club for August 2014 rather than this Oct 2014 group.

    Here's the link


  • Hi ladies,

    Elodie is now 18 days old and has slotted in to our family just nicely. She's a really placid baby and loves a cuddle. She's sleeping really well too to the point where we had to wake her for a feed for a few nights. She Her big sister totally adores her. She lost a bit of weight the week after birth, but has gone 8oz over birth weight today and we've been discharged from our midwife. Two kids is definitely harder then one though. Husband is back at work now so enjoying finding our own way and getting in to a routine.

    Hope you're all well xxx
  • Charleymoo, lovely to hear Elodie is doing so well. Glad that she is putting on weight. Yes 2 is a lot harder than 1 isn't it but it sounds like you're coping really well.

    Well Rafferty is now 6 days old. The 1st few days were really hard as I'd had 2 sleepless nights (in very labour & then giving birth) & then he was really clingy & refused to be put down so my hubby & I had to take it in turns to stay awake to hold him but luckily he's slept the last 2 nights so hopefully we've turned a corner. Also, now that I've had some sleep, I'm finding it a bit easier to cope with 2 as the 1st few days were very overwhelming.

    Had his 5 day check yesterday we found out that he's 2ozs over his birth weight so he's doing well.

    Looking forward to hearing how the other babies are getting on x

  • Kia, what did you call the babies ? x

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