Due in April 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in April 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hello 2nd trimester!!

    How is everyone feeling?? Thankfully my acne is beginning to clear up, boobs are rapidly growing, much bigger than I was with my LB. xx

  • My acne is starting to get a bit better. Still got some spots. Off to mediation meeting today. Stressful!  X

  • Oh good luck with that 2girls2bumps, stress is the last thing you need at the moment xx 

  • I am 12 weeks tomorrow! Have my scan on Wednesday, i can't wait to make sure everything is okay!

  • Hi girls.. Im 13 weeks due on the 8th April, this is my first baby which im really excited about but so far i have not enjoyed being pregnant with the morning sickness and mood swings, im up and down all the time with my moods has anyone else experienced this? 

  • Hi kaylz23, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations. Sorry to hear you're finding it tough at the moment: we remember those hormonal surges really well - they can make your feelings so intensified can't they? Have you had your first scan yet? 

  • Had my booking appointment this morning so finally official!! Yay. 1 hour of every question under the sun, 3 vials of blood, 1 urine sample, height, weight, blood pressure and pulse done. Next midwife appointment booked just waiting for scan appointments to come through and to see if I need keeping an eye on by a consultant because my son was premature. 

    Huge pack of notes, leaflets, numbers and bits of paper I'll have to cart round with me but I suppose at least it's comprehensive. Maybe this time I'll get to see what the delivery suite looks like! 

  • Aww thanks Danielle, they can im all over the place at the minute but hopefully it will calm down soon and yes ive had my first scan, i couldn't believe it when i seen the baby for the first time, i have Polycystic ovaries so i didnt think i could ever have children, me and my partner are over the moon, i just didnt realise it could have such a big effect on your moods x

  • I'm starting to realise after this weekend and the issues I had how crappy my midwife is. I have been given no emergency contacts and when I went for the scan I didn't have any notes so they did what they could and I new have a set of notes which is from the wrong county....i also spoke to her yesterday and she gave me a number to ring to find out about my bloods and it was the wrong number and I had some woman having a go at me saying it's not her job! 

    On the plus side, I have made it through the day without having to take any extra sickness tablets!!! Won't get my hopes up JUST yet! 

  • Hi Ladies,

    Can I just say how proud of ourself we should be to have made it to a double thread! I think this had about 450 comments when I joined and what a pleasure it has been to share the last few weeks with you all.

    I am 11 weeks tomorrow, I think ill be about 13+3 when I have my scan. Sad to say my sickness has gone nowhere I have been up all through the night again I am eating like an actual bottomless pit! I still have not gained any weight and I worried they will penalize me for this but what can I do. 

    Welcome to MFM kaylz23 and congratulations on your pregnancy.

    Love starting to see everyone's scan photo's! 

    Have a good day all x 

  • Sorry your not happy with your midwife MrsG can you ask for a new one? Or nag them for better info? This is a picture of everything I got yesterday and it's pretty similar to what I had last time. image I'm no expert but maybe ask a gp for help/advice if you get no joy with the midwife? Hope you find some reassurance soon x

  • whats everyone craving this week? 

    Tomatoes for me! 

  • Pink lady Apples for me 🍎

  • Its always been Lemon for me, ANYTHING that taste remotely of lemon.

    And just sugar in general not specifically sweets but just jaffa cakes anything lol x

  • Scan day for me! Got a due date of 8th April :). Earlier than I thought. My minds been put to rest now, she said all looked well & we've got a very wriggily baby! I panicked I'd not drank enough and I'd actually drank too much lol. 

    No cravings here. Still haven't got much appetite.


  • Not craving anything at the moment but have gone off anything sweet only want savoury food.  

  • no real cravings for me either im not hungry until i eat and then i want everything haha 

  • I've not really had any cravings either. 14 weeks tomorrow and just under 6 weeks until we find out if we're 💓 or 💙

  • Great news NJR - so nice having a scan and seeing all is going well :-) 

    I have a real thing for chip shop chips with lots of salt and vinegar - but also quite like satsumas, one day I dislike something and the next day I love it - I think i am driving my husband crazy!!  Can’t wait to get back to eating properly - I hate vegetables at the moment, they make me gag :-( 

  • Anyone having an early gender scan? Xx 

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