Due in April 2018 - Part 3

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This is a new continuation thread for the Due in April 2018 - Part 2 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Part 3 wow!!

    Just got back from the midwife and all looking good. Measuring exactly what I should, blood pressure fine and heard his heartbeat again ❤❤ They're going to refer/contact the hospital for me and see if they can get some answers about growth scans and ob appointments as well. Seems like it's all moving again now, whooping cough jab on Friday, blood test on the 2nd, 28 week midwife on the 5th and endo clinic on the 9th. So far so good x

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  • I thought the same! We all live to chat haha 🤗😂

    Good news Becky! Glad it’s all finally moving for you appointment wise 😃

    I had my growth scan and consultant today and he’s growing perfectly! 💙 He’s definitely a boy 😂 and estimated weight is 2lbs 6oz by his measurements. If he carries on growing how he is, the consultant said I can have my low risk water birth delivery ❤️😃 I’m so HAPPY! I didn’t get pictures today though as they would of been pants (even the sonographer said) because he was facing inwards and couldn’t get a good look at his profile as such but I have my 3d/4d Saturday ❤️ I have got to go back tomorrow though for my anti-d injection 😔😩

  • That's great news Charley so glad you can try and have the birth you want and he's doing well❤ We're hoping we get to see the delivery suite this time! I'd love to use the pool, i find water so relaxing, not sure I want to give birth in the pool but definitely want to use one if I can. Fingers crossed it goes more to plan this time x 

  • Charley I'm sure you'll have had it before with your others but in case you've forgot - don't worry about the injection. The way the midwife was talking I thought it would kill but it wasn't that bad at all xx glad baby boy is doing well.

    I can't believe we are on thread number 3 now! Bunch of chatterboxes haha.

    Glad all is going well with you too Becky. All seems to be moving in the right direction xx

  • Yes they are fine but it’s the horrible feeling of the liquid going in haha and a bit of a dead arm but it’s ok after a while lol. 

    I brought bits for a baby shower today, that I’m going to Saturday and she’s expecting a girl. My daughter came in from the school run and her eyes lit up thinking I’d brought them for our baby. I really should have hid it. She’s really hoping for a sister 😔 I hope she will except another brother 🙈 lol x 

  • Just thought I'd share that ocado have a baby sale on as well at the moment. Some decent offers, buy 1 get 1 free on pampers etc 

  • Hi ladies 28 weeks today the final trimester is here.

    had midwife today little one is doing fab she said i love it when I here the heart beat it's amazing but she won't measure me as I'm having growth scans done 💖 x

  • imageMe too Babygirl, Happy third trimester to us! 💙💖 

    I’ve never shopped from Ocado before but will have a look Becky, I love a sale 😂

  • Yes it is charley  💖💙 x

  • I had midwife today too had bloods done so took hubby with me cause I'm bad with bloods. He got to listen to heartbeat which was so lovely. She said everything is good and there is 'certainly nothing wrong with this baby' she is constantly on the move. First time I've ever got measured and she said it was all fine.

    I asked to be weighed as I'm concerned about weight gain as I've always been a heavier girl. I've put on 4lbs which she said wasn't bad at all. Ive developed quite a liking for double deckers. 

    I took the week off with my mum so we could get the nursery in order this week but with my grandad still in hospital it's not going to plan which is totally fine she needs to be with her dad as much as possible, so its going to end up being done in evenings or waiting till maternity starts as hubs is so protective I can't even carry a basket of washing up the stairs on my own bless him. So now I'm quite bored as you can probs tell lol. 

    I love the cot from Aldi but I'd ordered one on offer with drawers already. Asda also have a baby event on I believe. 

    Glad to see everyone else is doing good.


  • Hi ladies. 

    Wow part 3 again already! 

    So the twins dad told his ex (his kids mum) yesterday that he is having twins. She was ok to start with but after she didn't take it well, said some horrible stuff about me and him and he seems to have blamed me for that. He's now ignoring me and basically saying it's my fault. hes also asked me to promise him that I won't speak to her if she contacts me. This is because he told her we only started talking about the twins last week! He has known since 4+1 when I found out!!!!! 

    This is all after giving him one last chance when this time last week he was on holiday with a random woman (not his ex). 


  • Oh 2girls2bumps he certainly knows how to push your buttons doesn't he! You need to think about what is best for you and your current kids and your 2 little babies too. 

    It just sounds like he's a bit immature to be honest so hopefully he'll snap out of it soon.

    If his ex does contact you I'd just ignore it. Not because he's told you to but because you and the babies could do without the stress and the drama.

    Hope you're ok xx

  • hi ladies, I've had an awful day, the preschool I work for told us today that they are going to have to close. They are hoping to make it to easter but the funds may not strech that far! If they can't make it to easter my maternity isn't covered and I will loose a lot of money becasue at the moment I'm entitled to the highest pay through the government, not to mention any wages that may not be paid 😔

    I should have been 'returning to work' 21st December but obviously that won't be happening now, does anyone know where I stand with any kind of benefits? trying to find another job that would fit around baby will be really hard, jobs like the one I have are like gold dust so returning to work will be hard, let alone returning after 9 months off to a new job, new people and probably lacking confidence. Unless I can get free/discounted childcare or help from family it's not worth me returning to work, I dont earn a lot! I'm now fast forwarding and worrying about christmas this year! I'm married and hubby doesn't earn a lot but I have no idea where I stand, has anyone ever dealt with anything like this before? as I said, my mat leave ends 21st December so im assumingg my last payment will be around then. 

    Massive bag of emotions! Sad, scared, guilt for thinking about me and not everyone else! Our little preschool has been open since 1981 😔 I worry about our vulnerable children and what will happen to them now

  • Oh No! Sorry to hear that MrsG. I hope atleast that it holds out until April! I'm not in that position but I'm still already worrying about Xmas as my pay ends Dec too. I would assume If they have to close after you start maternity as your still 'employed' by them maybe your entitled to redundancy? I don't know how these things work. 

    The thought of having to start a fresh after having a baby petrifies me too. Ive only ever had the 1 job interview.

    Today has been one of the worst days I've ever experienced. Not sure how everyone else's night was but storm bloody Fionn battered my area and I actually thought my house was going to fall down around me. It blew the roof off my outer house building which is joined to my utility room making my house rather open to the elements and opportunist tea leaves. My lovely dad came round and bordered up the door this evening but the roof is not as easy to repair after it took flight into my neighbours garden at 4am. I've been awake since then and I'm exhausted. I got myself in a horrific state I was even hyperventilating. Rang my poor dad at 5am. To top it I have been to hospital for reduced movement which we've put down to me just not being able to be calm all day. Of course as soon as they hooked me up and popped me on the bed she started moving non stop. 

    I think hormones allow us all to be bags of emotions! 

    I reallt hope your work situation gets sorted and don't stress about it to much that's what' I've tried to learn today xx

  • MrsG that’s a terrible position to find yourself in!  I’m not sure the ins and outs of maternity pay, but I am sure you  be able to still get your maternity pay, and if on a low income probably working tax credits or maybe income support! Perhaps citizens advice can help you? 

    Good luck and do let us know how you get on!

    NJR that sounds really scary!! hopefully You can get something sorted to secure your home and the insurance will pay out for it to be fixed ASAP.

  • Sounds like everyone is having a real time of it at the moment, big hugs xx.

    MrsG you can do a benefits calculator on the GOV. UK website and it'l tell you if and what your entitled to. We all get child benefit for kids 1 & 2 but after that it depends so agree with MrsFish and citizens advice would be the place to go. 

    Hope you get it all sorted soon NJR it was windy here but nowhere near that bad. X

    I hope he sorts himself out 2girls2bumps you don't need his stress, happy to listen anytime x 

    Just waiting for my whooping cough jab now and I finally got my growth scan appointment through yesterday, so get to see my little monkey again on he 9th 😊

  • Mrs g I'm so sorry to hear you've been given that news - not what you need right now! I agree, go and see CAB and hopefully they can advise you.

    NJR what a mess! Hopefully you can sort something through your insurance. 🤞 you dint suffer any more damage.

    Becky good to hear that you have finally got your growth scan through.


  • Thanks ladies. I did think citizens advice would be my best bet just thought I would see if anyone had any advice aswell xx

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