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Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

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  • Hi ladies,

    I'm 4 weeks, 2 days with my first.  So excited and also very nervous about everything progressing as it should. No nausea yet. How is everyone else feeling?

  • Hi CaliGayle, welcome and huge congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you so much for kicking off this new birth club - we're sure there will be lots of other women joining you over the next few days! 

  • I'm sorry, I miscarried yesterday so won't be joining you 😞 wishing you a healthy and happy 9months Gayle x

  • Oh ChezVonP, we are very sorry to read this - we're going to drop you a PM now. 

  • ChezVonP I'm so sorry.  My heart breaks for you today. Please take good care of yourself. I know we'll see you back here soon.

  • Hello,

    I have taken a test today and it was positive. Incredibly early! Only 8 DPO, so anything could happen. Not got a clue what my due date will be yet. Thought I could be due in January. This will be my second child. I have a 1 year old already Called Lily!


    Very faint line! I thought i was pregnant because i was completely wiped out yesterday! 


  • Hi Janna,

    Congrats!!! I will keep my fingers crossed that you keep your bfp.

    I have also been so tired. I can't believe it, but I'm sleeping 12 hours in a row if I can get away with it... Luckily my job is a little slow at the moment.

  • Hi J Wooders! We know you! Firstly huge congratulations and secondly, look at that BFP! Maybe you ovulated earlier than you think? We're SO glad to have you back in another birth club. Have you told the women from your old group? Bet they'll be over the moon for you! 

  • No I haven't! I think i will post something on there and let them know! I am surprised you remembered me!

    I know caligayle! Preggo tiredness is unreal isn't it! I just feel like someone has sucked the life out of me! Not looking forward to going through it all again with a 1 year old. She is full on!

    Congrats on your first pregnancy though, what do you want a boy or girl? 

    How you been feeling? 



  • Of course we remember you and I always remember you signing your posts Jan! You were a fab part of that Due in April thread, lovely you're back! 

  • Oh yes! That's me! Haha, ahh thank you. I remember finding that group really late. So I thought I better jump on a thread now. Will be easier getring to know everyone from the start.

    I am due back to work on 10th July. My Mat Leave ended on 26th April. But all my annual leave on a 12 hr shift pattern takes me up to July. Which I am grateful for! 

    I don't know that is easier though, work or looking after Lily 😂🤣


  • Thanks, Jan! I feel totally fine so far. I want a girl, but I'll be happy no matter what. Today is my first obgyn appointment and I'm so excited!

  • Morning.I have four children 13,12,10 and nearly 3.I have just had the shock of my life to be pregnantand im about 4weeks 3 days and im 32 years old. Not sure how i am feeling at the moment as i have just got a new job aswell. Never been on a chat room but guess i needed somewhere to talk about it.xxx

  • Hi Mummytofour, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations. We're guessing this wasn't a planned pregnancy? How you feeling about it? 

  • Post deleted by MadeForMums. 
    Here's a link to our Chat guidelines. 

  • Hi.No it wasnt planned at all its a huge shock. Not sure how to move forward, i love being a mum i love being preganant, had four really good births but worries me now something may go wrong, am i being greedy, will i be judged. I have a job as does my husband and we do our best for our kids now they dont go without and we love them all the same.Im just undecided and guess i needed some reassurance and advice from other mums /women x

  • Does this look positiveimage? Took within time frame. 

  • Moustachio1205, looks positive to me. Congrats!!!!

  • Mummytofour, thank you so much for coming on here and sharing your struggle. It sounds like you have had many wonderful pregnancies and a beautiful family. However you want to proceed with this pregnancy would be very understandable, and it is your decision. I hope you can process it a bit here and find some peace.

  • I'm 4w5d. I'm finding that I'm so bogged down by miscarriage anxiety I'm struggling to get excited. My sister found an empty sac at a first ultrasound a few years ago, so I just dread the same thing happening to me. Anybody else feeling this way?

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