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This is a new continuation thread for the Due in December 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

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  • Olivia that sounds such a horrendous experience how insensitive! Glad the private scan went well... Hopefully you'll get more answers from the EPU. Thinking of you!

    I've definitely been there with the aches, both back shooting downwards and into ribs... I did speak to midwife at my booking appointment and she said this is your body adjusting to the muscles relaxing so your bump can grow and position itself... to listen to your body and take it easy but if it got unbearable to go back as they will look at treatment options such as physio.

    SW2... can't imagine how hard it must be to face that uncertainty in another country where you don't speak the language... Hopefully you will find out some info though... is it just in Japan for your husband's work or do you have any other connection my MIL is Japanese... if you pick anything up from the scan and want to know what is said, drop me a message and I'll ask if she can give me any kind of English translation image

    Will be lighting a candle for you and Maisie also tomorrow Susie... my thoughts and love are with you.xx

  • Susie so sorry to hear about Maisie, will be thinking of you tomorrow x

    Olivia hope you get some answers soon. Hopefully it's just a case of resting. Make sure you take it easy 

  • Thanks Dani... that’s really kind of you... my translator was actually super nice and helpful and I was able to get enough information to put my mind at ease today! said a little prayer of thanks on the way home! 

    I replied on the other thread with more info... forgot that we had been moved onto the new thread! ☺️

  • Any of you guys good with nub theory? I don’t know Which baby this is & can only see the nub in 1 picture so have no idea about the other... but I’m thinking this nub looks very girlie (parallel with the spine)... what do you guys think?


  • From what I’ve read I’d say girl (I’ve also gone mad analysing the nub haha) but I’m no expert! Glad the scan went well for you :)

    thanks for all the support ladies :) x

  • Thanks Olivia!

  • Lovely photo... From that pic it looks like a girl 😍

  • Evening all.... struggling 😷

    Constant thrush driving me around the bend and my skin is super sensitive, nipples are raw with dry cracked skin. Can't even shave my legs without breaking out. 

    Proper annoyed doc gave me a pesary when I should have been warned it can cause probs if put in too far.

    Can anyone relate to any of this? I know it's all worth it but never knew this was a symptom x

  • I read that the old 'tar' soap was great for keeping thrush at bay and even treating it as has antiseptic properties... it's not tar these days but whatever is in it... is a bit stinky especially if feel nauseous but I've used on my face too to stop break outs... have super sensitive skin and it's been fine/helped... midwife said would be fine to use.

    Also been using aveeno cream as that's the only thing which doesn't cause irritation on my skin and is moisturizing... even use on my face as normal face cream was stinging.

    Like you say, these syptoms will be worth it but anything to make life a little more comfortable in the meantime!

    I'm struggling with nausea... for most of trimester it's just been feeling sick but as people have been telling me I'll feel better now, I've started throwing up regularly argh.. not helped by severe back pain and pulled a muscle above my hip from it :( x

  • Marie... yeah it’s totally normal to get thrush and bv during pregnancy as the hormones upset your good bacteria balance and cause it. Has the doc done swabs to definitely check its thrush not bv? Different treatments needed for each. 

    also... get some ‘balance activ’ or ’rephresh’ gel pods... you pop one inside at nighttime any day you feel irritated and it restores the bacteria balance & ph so that you don’t get a full on infection. I swear by them! Also when I’ve had really rough time with things I’ve used ‘pearls Yb’ supplements which you take once a day by mouth and they help repopulate the good bacteria too and helped a lot to stop reoccurrences for me. 

    Follow all the standard advice too about no perfumed soaps down there, don’t use fabric softener or biological washing liquid for your undies, wear loose cotton undies etc. Also, if it keeps being a problem then get OH checked (or just buy a canestan oral over the counter for him just Incase) as men can get thrush too and will keep passing it back when you have sex. Talking of sex, make sure you wash down there  straight after as semen can also upset the ph & cause irritation if you are prone to it right now. 

    hope you feel better soon!!

  • I’ve been struggling with nausea as well. Weird thing is I never actually throw up, just a whole lot of dry heaving that sometimes I’m frustrated and wish I’d throw up already. I could be sitting on the couch and suddenly dry heave. No specific triggers. 

    The back pain has been a little better. I’m not sure if it’s just a lull because once It stopped completely but came back even stronger later on. 

  • Ahh the heaving is horrid... hurts my stomach so much! I get really paranoid but been told despite it hurting the baby is snug and fine. Been sick again tonight so I'm praying it does ease soon!

    Fingers crossed your back doesn't get worse again... I didn't realise we'd get some many aches and pains early on!

    SW2 I don't think my reply posted earlier but congrats so happy everything well! If you ever need anything translation wise just let me know and I'll try to help! I remember when in Italy for a while in an area no one spoke English, it was hard and I felt isolated... glad you had a great translator! Have my scan tomo afternoon which I'm nervous about now. Just want this one over and to hear everything is ok!

  • Good luck for your scan Danni... let Us know how you get on & post a pic! ☺️

  • Good luck with your scan Danis18 :) 

  • Hi everyone! Is there any chance you might be able to help with these threads? 😊

    One pregnant member has discovered since being pregnant, she's so nauseous, she can't stand the smell of her own home

    Did pregnancy ever cause you to be feeling freezing cold? 

    And finally, flying in the first trimester: safe or not? 

  • Hope your scan went well Danis18! Can’t wait to see a pic :)

    my appointment went well at EPU this morning. Saw baby again and all looks good. They still have no idea where the blood came from so they said it’s just ‘one of those things’. A bit unnerving but baby is looking healthy and that’s the only thing that matters! Fingers crossed it won’t happen again!

    Has anyone else been staring at the screen during scans trying to find gender clues? I’m SO impatient!! I have a gut feeling mine is a girl- only 16 days until I find out now!! Has anyone else booked early gender scans? 


  • Olivia1990 lovely to hear your appt went well. I had a bleed and never found a cause. Fingerd crossed for nomore scares x

    I have a gender scan booked for 12days time!id say girl too SW2 but im rubbish...cant even see a nub in mine lol

  • image

    Susiegirlygirl we are thinking of you xx

  • Thanks Tam! Good to hear other people have had same thing! 12 days!!! ahhh that’s so exciting!! Xx

  • Today was good they said everything looks healthy so fingers crossed stays that way! I think little bean was half asleep today though... started wiggling as we were finishing up! Stayed at what the private scan measured so I'm 13 weeks 6 days.


    Definitely getting a gender scan... 2 weeks and a day until we find out!

    Olivia I'm so pleased the scan and check up went well for you... hopefully you have no more scares!

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