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Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in March 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us about yourself.

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  • Hi ladies 👋

    My names natalie and I’ve been a member of made for mums since before it was made for mums. I first joined in 2009 when i was pregnant with my now 8 year old boy, then continued on the site in 2011 when I had my now 6 year old boy. Sadly earlier this year I lost a little boy Aspen who was born sleeping at just 16 weeks. I’m now tentatively dipping my toes in here after getting a bfp on Monday. Really hoping and praying this rainbow makes it. Looking forward to getting to know you all and hopefully sharing our journeys. I’ve still got a group of amazing friends I met on here from years ago xxx

  • Hi caleblake, we are so very glad to have you here. We are all soooo rooting for you and this 🌈baby, and we can't wait to follow your journey. Wishing you the stickiest of beans. 

  • Thank you Danielle that means a lot 🌈

  • Hi!

    so I just got my bfp this morning! Our first after 2 and a half years of trying through chlomid! Not sure it’s sank in yet but excited!

  • MrsBeeL we've know your name for the forum, so we are so happy to welcome you here! Huge congratulations! We're thrilled for you. 

  • Thats wonderful news MrsBeeL. You must be over the moon. Xxx

  • Thank you! It’s definitely not sinking in!

    Natalie - what day are you at? I think I’m 4+2

  • Well my last AF was the 29th May. I ovulated on the 11th June and had a positive on the 18th June at 7DPO. My cycles are short so AF is due tomorrow but I’m not 4 weeks till Tuesday lol. Complicated I know 

  • I’m the opposite. First day of last af was 24th May, I ovulated 8th June. Cycles are usually 29-33 days but luteal only 12/13 days!

    so I guess I’m a couple of days ahead 

  • I’m lookmg forward to my scan so I can get an actual idea of my DD, by the late of my last peroid I won’t be be 4 weeks till Tuesday but I think it will show me further than that as I obviously implanted earlier in the cycle. We will see though. How have you been feeling in general? 

  • Yeah it’ll be interesting to see What date you get! I wonder if mine will get moved too.

    ive Been ok. Definitely more tired than usually and peeing more than usual! Bit of light cramping as well. I think it’s still a shock! 

    How about you?

  • I’ve had a bit if everything. Ive been very crampy the past few days. In good news AF is due today and hasn’t showed up 😂 also kind of feel like I have a permanent hangover at the minute lol x

  • That’s great! All on track now!

    i also have swollen sore boobs and I’m bloated. Like an extreme version of pms. I get an early scan as I have a blocked tube - so I’ve got to sort that out tomorrow. Maybe that’ll make it a bit more real!

  • Fanboy news I get an early scan too because I’ve had a couple of early miscarriages and an ectopic then loosing Aspen earlier this year they are keeping a good eye on me. They said they will do it at 5/6 week when I spoke to them on Thursday so need to wait for a date now. I just need to know there is a heartbeat and it’s implanted in the right place and that’s there is only one in there lol then I’m hoping I will not Be as anxious. 

  • Fabulous not fanboy lol 

  • Yeah same for me. It’s good to know they’ll look out for you. 

    So you’ve been through all this before - you’ll definitely be my go to person on here for pregnancy advice!!!

  • Yes any times lol. I have 2 boys Caleb who use 8 and Blake who isn’t nearly 7. I’ve sadly also Lost a little boy in Feb/March this year a tooth 16 weeks so I know all to well about pregnancy but not everything lol

  • I’m sorry to Hear of your loss :(

    i think 2 kids = lots of knowledge!!!

  • I’m really winging it lol

  • At least you have wings!!! I’ve just booked in for my early scan next Thursday! Hopefully everything will be fine and we can carry on as normal!


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