Due in April 2019 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in April 2019 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.



  • Morning- just had my scan this morning

    edd Been brought forward a week 

    - was so magical seeing it squirm about. image

  • Congratulations GigiO, what a lovely scan too. Hope all is well ❤️ x

  • Love seeing everyone’s scans they all so different 💓

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  • Hi everybody!!

    We had our dating scan on Monday, and all was perfect!  So exciting to see the little person wriggling about - it is certainly a livewire in there!!

    Here is my scan photo, cannot believe how much clearer they are since our son's scan 8 years ago. Amazing detail!image

  • P.S I was a day out with my dates. So I am now 13+3 and we are due 15th April 2019. 

    Wishing us all happy healthy bumps and babies to come!


  • Congratulations CountryMummy and GigiO :) Amazing scans of your little ones :)

  • Thank you Cloudlover!

  • Hi ladies hope everyone is doing okay.  All the scans are great I'm so happy for everyone.

    Sadly my grandma passed away this morning, so I'm so glad I managed to see her in Portugal and tell her the news when I flew out a couple of weeks ago.  I've got my scan tomorrow so just hoping all's okay, will then be telling the rest of the family the news but obviously it's not good timing with my nan so not really sure how to share.

    Cant wait for my scan though, I'm getting an enhanced one at Kings College Hospital it's meant to be amazing.

  • Imo,  sorry to hear about your grandma. I think your baby news will be a welcome distraction. 

    Show us your enhanced scan. Intrigued to see what it's like. Fingers crossed it goes well.

  • Thank you Griff, and I will post pictures tomorrow.  They don't actually print them for you so we have to take photos on a camera or phone! Hoping we can take a video.

  • Congrats on the lovely scans ladies 💙💓 

    Imo really sorry to hear about your Grandma, hope tomorrow can bring you and your family happiness when they all find out your exciting news. 


  • Hi Ladies! So excited to finally be able to join the group ☺️ Just has my 12 week scan today and measured exactly 12 weeks! Due on 26th April ❤️ Soooo happy!!


  • Congratulations to everyone, and so sorry for your loss. May your family take comfort in your happy news lmo2727. Sending you a hug at this sad time x

    Beautiful baby scan pics all round ❤

  • Welcome to the club BellaBell - and huge congratulations on your lovely scan! 

    lmo2727, we are so sorry for your loss. 

  • Sorry for your loss Imo2727 x

  • Thank you everyone for your kind messages.  Will update you following my scan xxx

  • Had scan today . Date put back 3 days ao im 13+1 today.  Saw baby wave its arm around like a mad thing. Im nervous now about the bloods taken to test for high risk of downs etc. Eeek. Although everything seemes ok on scan. Pic isnt great that we were given 😑image

  • Hey everyone, I had my scan it was the most incredible thing I've ever seen! Baby was moving so much, dancing, flipping over and all sorts! She went through the whole anatomy and I heard the heart beat 😊. Lovely finish to a difficult week.imageimage

  • What a lovely scan I’m so happy for you Imo just what you needed xx 

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