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BF'ing and babys weight gain

Hi ladies

Just wondering what a 'normal' weight gain for a BF baby is? (I know every baby is different but just an average!)

Annoyingly the charts in the health records are for FF babies - does anyone know where I can find charts for BF babies?

So far Olyvia's weight gains have been

7oz (15 days)
9.5oz (3wks)
6.5oz (4wks)
7.5oz (5 wks)

The HV seems very pleased with how we're doing so I'm not worried, just interested really.

Thanks, NN and Olyvia xxx


  • I was looking at a bf baby growth chart the other day, will try to find the link.

    The weight gains look pretty good though. image

    Think the bf baby chart was quite different from the one in my red book.
  • I've not took my Little lady as it annoys me that she's measured against FF babies when she's on a totally different diet, she was last weighed at 5 weeks (i'm naughty i know) she's def gaining weight because at 17 weeks she's nearly in 6-9 month clothes!!

    You wouldn't expect someone who lives on McD's to weigh the same as someone who lives on salad (not saying formula is equivalent to McD's its just an example of extremes) so why expect it of babies!!!!

    Her gain looks fab hun.
  • Your HV should be able to provide you with a BF weight chart.
    Those weight gains look great. Don't think my little girls were anywhere like that so early so you must have good milk!!!!!!!
  • my red book for ds has a bf weight gain chart, but for boys so not sure i can help with comparisons there as they do differ, perhaps u shld ask ur hv for one of the new bf ones, they do do them, but those weight gaons are looking pretty good to me xx
  • I have a chart for breastfed babies...if you want to email me your e-mail address i will see if it scans into the computer and email it across to you

    Joanna xx
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