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Dreamfeeding when breastfeeding? Any tips?

Hi girls

So I'm trying to do a dreamfeed at 10:30pm each night, but so far I've only managed to do it twice without waking him up and on those occasions I don't think they were very good feeds as he didn't last as long before the next feed as he usually does.

Would love to hear tips from anyone who successfully dreamfeeds while breast feeding - or anyone who thinks that it can't be done!!! I'm still not really sure what the benefit of a dreamfeed is over a normal feed?


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  • Hey hun - i personally dont agree with dream feed - i wld hate to be taken out of my bed and forced to eat when all i want to do is sleep.

    To me dream feeds are are a bit selfish as they are all about mummy rather than baby.

    Please dont take what i say too harshly - I am rather blunt - that is just me.
  • Sorry reading it again - you dont ask for peoples opinions - you ask for if it can be done...sorry! x
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