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What position do your babies feed in?

Mine straddles my thigh, so he can sit upright, as he wouldn't latch on for long enough in any other position. Just wondered what everyone else did?


  • We do the traditional cradle hold. I tried feeding lying down and "rugby balling" him but he just kept getting upset and not latching peacefully.

    I think you just have to do what suits you and baby best. But, I wish I had more options cos at night I'd love to feed him in bed cos I'm lazy!

    Liz & Eddison 9wks
  • cradle hold in the day. side by side laying in the night xxxx
    pixie woo - as baby gets bigger - keep trying the side by side laying - it is easier for them when they are bigger and both mummy and baby are more experienced xxx
  • I cradle hold during the day with a feeding pillow (pure laziness!) and lying down at night. Pixie woo keep trying it does get easier as MKB said. I couldn't feed lying down until lo was around 3 months old.

    Cat xxx
  • Mostly I use adaptions of the cradle position upright in a chair. If we are in bed i use three pillows to make a wedge and lie back then cradle her across me at an angle so her bum is near my hip or with starting in a standard cradle sat on the sofa or in bed the drawing my knees up to support her weight. Can feed side by side now too use this late at night but only since about 3 months.
  • As a newborn I fed him in both the rugby position and the traditional cradle.

    At night I always feed him lying down and in the morning now he's crawling (his first feed is always in bed) he seems to like to feed with his bum in the air!! x
  • Mostly just cradle him, but he's had a cold lately (and I caught it too!) so I've fed him lying down because he just seemed to find it easier to breathe that way. His nose was blocked up, bless him, and it meant he couldn't stay on long and just cried so feeding was a nightmare! x x x
  • I always feed in the cradle hold as I found I couldn't get on with the lying one. I may try it again now that he is a bit older after hearing others saying it is easier once the are larger.
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