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breastfed baby and a routine?

is this possible ???

my lo is now 6 weeks which i know is still early days but i just seem to be feeding him all the time...i never know when he'll next need a fed, or when he needs a nap as he just seems to snack and snooze all day long.

this last week i seem to have cracked the nights and he seems to feed and sleep for 2-4 hours which is great...but driving me daft during the day as i cant get anything done, cant even pop to the shop without him as i jsut dont know when he'll next be needing a snack!

its really starting to wear me down...can anyone offer me some light at the end of the tunnel. i really dont want to give up, lo is doing so well, and i cant bear the thought of giving him formula.



  • It does get better!!! Though I cant remember just seemed to happen gradually for me! My lo is now 11 weeks tom and things are much easier. If I want to go out shopping though I do make sure it if after feed. At the moment she is feeding about every 3 hrs day and night. (nights were better than this - she was only waking for 1 feed or 1 short and one long feed but has reverted back to this since jabs ....grr..)
  • Stcik with it hon if you can - it really does get better, even my lo who is the king of non-routine is settling into a more predictable routine now.

    He is just 4 months and only in teh last week or so would I say that I now know kind of what to expect. This has just been thrown out because he has a really horrid cough and cold and is up all hours of the night and day!

    From feeding every 1.5-2hours we are finally sorting ourselves out - I've started to wean him as well and that is another thing that has really helped, so don't despair, there is light at the end of the tunnel!xx

    P.S the only routine I have always had is that I give him a bath around 6.30pm and feed and bed at 7pm without fail!
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