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Breast feeding and swine flu jab


I have been lurking for some time but not actually posted. My little one is 20 months and still has one breast feed in the morning. I have been invited for my swine flu job as I have asthma, I know going for the jab has to be my decision but has anyone found any info on the jab and breast feeding. I am keen to continue with this feed for another couple of months as she was two and a half months prem and picks up bugs and infections very easily and I am sure being able to feed her helped her get over her recent bout of tonsillitis quicker than she perhaps would have done.

Any info gratefully appreciated


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  • you are not allowed to have the jab if u r bfing, i also had the same situation,

  • you are not allowed to have the jab if u r bfing, i also had the same situation,

  • Thanks for the above, who gave you that info? I am in such a quandry. My Health Visitor made some enquiries and said she had spoken to the department of health (or something like that) and said it was strongly advised as it is for pregnant women. They also said any antibodies from vaccine would be passed on to lo. It is so hard my lo was prem and sedems to pick up everything, I work with general public and deal with loads of different people so may come into contact with it and while I could cope with being ill would be upset if I passed it to lo or DD1. But on the otherhand I don't know if there would be any long term affects which could be far worse than getting swine flu. It's just so hard:\?:\?
  • the best info on the web I can find is here:

    (although you may have already made your decision by now).

    Another idea would be to ask David Salisbury in tomorrows webchat about Swine flu and the vaccine.
  • hey my lo was born prem and still in scbu im meant to be having it on 30th spoke to my consultant who thought it wld be beneficial as lessens the chance of me getting it but said that not enough antibodies wld pass into milk to help lo

  • i thoughtn u can have the swine flu jab when breastfeeding as u can have it when pregnant and much less of it will getinto babies bloodstream via breastmilk than via placenta.

    "Can I breastfeed if I am being vaccinated?

    Once the vaccination becomes available information will be provided on this. With the type of vaccine being developed there is unlikely to be any problem and continuing breastfeeding is likely to be recommended for mothers being vaccinated. "

    taken from

    ask ur gp or hv for clarification tho, and as golednshades says there is a swine flu webchat here tomorrow from 1.30pm i think xx
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