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my right boob is very hot to touch and very sore feels full and is painful to feed from. i couldnt lie on that side lst night. im feeling a bit rough too in the night was shivery but red hot all over. never had this before any suggestions? xx


  • I had this with my youngest, the advice i got was to keep feeding baby (easier said than done) but i did end up going to the doctors and having antibiotics. Speak to you midwife or health visitor do not leave it untreated as it can put you off breast feeding.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • def try to keep feeding from the sore boob as this can really make a difference. i know that is so much easier said than done but i can help allot, i worked for me, but don't leave it too long if it still hurts go to docs and get anti biotics like ellisjamie did. i was so close to giving up but luckily managed to keep going. hope you feel better soon and can keep feeding, love fi and hayden
  • Hi i had mastitis a few times and manage to overcome it the first 2 times without antibiotics. I found what helped was lying my lo on the bed and feed lying next to him but leaning slighlty over him so it would help drain the milk away. I also gently massaged and hand express the sore area whilst in shower to help unblock the ducts.
    You can take paracetomol or ibuprofen which helps, but if you are still feeling this way after 48hrs you should def see the doc for antibiotics. Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Get antibiotics asap! I had mastitis when DD was tiny, 3 courses of antibiotics later and it abcessed badly. I ended up having to have a GA so it could be drained in theatre then had daily visits from the district nurse for nearly 7 weeks afterwards and have been left with a slightly misshapen, scarred boob. I know that I was unlucky but really wouldn't wish it on anyone so my advice would be the sooner you can get antibiotics into your system, the better. Short term, do try to keep feeding from it, massaging towards baby at the same time. If you can't feed then try expressing either with a pump or manually in a hot bath.
    Hope you feel better soon.
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