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combining breast and bottle feeding

Hiya everyone, I've decided to try to get my baby to use a bottle during the day as my other half really wants to get involved with feeding so i thought it would be nice for him to give her a bottle when he gets home from work (and the odd night feed I'm hoping!). However I'm having difficulty getting her to take a bottle, I think maybe because of the difference between a teat and a nipple. She gets so upset that I end up giving in and BFing because I can't take her getting in a state! I've been told to stick at it as baby will get used to it but it's so hard! I'm using the closer to nature bottles at the moment as I thought they'd be the best for combination feeding but was wondering if there are any bottles and teats that are more like a nipple?? or if any of you use a specific brand or type of bottle that you've found effective??:\? I'm willing to try anything once so any suggestions that you have are welcome.



  • Hi Ali.

    I've had similar problems getting my lo to take a bottle. I was reccommended nuk teats by my bf support nurse. They are much easier to latch onto than the tt closer to nature. You can get the from biota or the Internet. Get the silicone teats rather than rubber. I also found that once I started weaning she took the bottle alot better.

    Hope that helps, let us know how u get on.
  • Is it you that has tried giving her the bottle or your husband? I think I read that if you are doing it then baby can smell the milk or something and will want the breast but if someone else tries then they may take to it better. We took a few attempts but got there in the end. Also how old is your lo? Once we thought she was ok taking a bottle she then started fussing with them again and it turned out we needed the next size up teat which I hadn't even considered.
    hth, hope you get there
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