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Downsides of occasional Formula Feed?

Hi guys,

Jonny is now 3 and half months and is exclusively breastfed. This was very hard work at the beginning so am very proud of this?

Anyway, I now have a few nights of being out/away. I do have some expressed milk in the freezer so will use this mainly.

I just wondered if I do go for an occasional Formula what negative effect this would have if any? If there are big drawbacks then I may need to get on an expressing mission.

Thanks guys


  • hi there hun as your milks supply will now be established it should be ok to use formula as long as its only occasionally although you will find that you may still have to express as you may get engorged from missing a feed.If formula were given regularly it would efect your milk supply as your body would think baby wasnt feeding as much.Hope this may help and well done for getting past the initial diffuicult few weeks of breastfeeding xxx
  • Occasional formula feeds are fine - they say aptamil is closest to breastmilk and this is what my lo has. I think the downsides are the same as if you were to give expressed milk for feeds whilst you are away - you'll get full and need to express when u get home. As you've been breastfeeding for a while now the occasional missed feed shouldn't affect your supply. I've been feeding for 6 months and my lo has formula if i'm out as i don't get on with expressing, can never get much out and i'm impatient, and it's never done me or him any harm, it just makes his poo a rather attractive shade of green instead of yellow! x
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.

    The thing is, I am sure I read somwhere that just giving one bottle of formula can start of a chain causing baby to be more suceptible to thingd like allergies,eczema and asthma? Is this not the case? Hope it isnt as an occasional formula feed could be a godsend!

  • I give Lorelei a formula feed as top up sometimes when she still seems hungry after bf. Wouldn't be daily but it is often and she is coming along great. My lo has had colic from pretty much day one (she's 13wks now) but this hasn't been affected one way or the other so wouldn't be worried about allergies etc - not when almost exclusively feeding lo yourself. And if gives you a break then go for it- a healthy mum is important too image
    Rosa x
  • I'm just starting to do the same with my lo- up to now I've always expressed if I'm going out, but it's such a hassle. I never get much when I express, so to get one day or evening out I have to express about twice a day for a week! It just isn't worth it, so the other day I tried lo on aptimil and she took it with no probs. I honestly don't think that the odd ff is going to do any harm, esp when they're getting so many benefits from the bfing.
  • Hi, I just found the smell of their poo changes to really stinky like 'normal' poo! I think BF bb's poo has a sweet smell that isn't too offensive which is why I've put off introducing formula so far but I'm thinking of giving some soon.

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