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toddler tried to BF!!

hi there girls.

im currently 17 weeks pregnant, and have a nearly 2 year old DD. well, ive been able to produce something for a few weeks now, and recently ive started slowly leaking a bit, well anyhoo, last night i had a low cut top on, and my daughter was cuddling me, and she often plays with my boobs, like squeezes them and cuddles them etc and pulls the skin, which doesnt bother me. but she suddenly started trying to grab my nipple, and she pulled it out of my top, and put it in her mouth! now shes never done that before! the only thing i did notice, was when she was playing with the skin and cuddling them that i had the tingly let down feeling, and leaked a bit, so im wondering if she smelled the milk?!

i havent breastfed her since she was a few weeks old, so i cant undertsand why shed suddenly want to do it!! i did kind of shreak when she did it, and she got upset, but i was just so shocked!! she never reallyt suckled, but i think she would have done if i didnt screech!

anyone heard of anything like this before?! xx


  • Must have just been an instinct or smelt nice! Lucas has shown more interest recently but we only stopped feeding 8 months ago so more recent. I wouldn't worry about it tho. She'll soon lose interest and move onto something else.
  • i've not heard of a lo trying to feed when they haven't feed since they were tiny but feed my lo till he was 2 while i was pregnant and feeding his baby sister.

    There is nothing wrong with B/Fing a toddler if you want to let her try? although she may not be able to do it anyway as the sucking action is different than sucking from a bottle.
  • oh i wasnt horrified or anything, i was just stunned!! i mean, when baby is born and she sees her feeding, and she wanted to try it, i would let her, i mean, shes still my baby, and i dont see anything wrong with feeding a toddler. i cant see her wanting to properly feed, but maybe it was just instinctual. although i think i would be scared of her teeth! hehe!! i suppose i will just have to see if she does it again, and jst see what she actually does. xx
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