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Stopping breastfeeding and feeling rough

Hi everyone,

I stopped breastfeeding my 15 month old daughter 8 days ago. It's gone really well she hasn't asked for the breast or missed it at all. I was quite sore for a couple of days and then fine for three days but yesterday and today I've filled up again and have been leaking milk. I feel really tired and short tempered, bloated with crampy tummy pains and just generally off colour. Do you think this is related to stopping feeding or just one of the many virus bugs that are doing the rounds? It seems odd that I'm leaking now when for three days I didn't seem too full. Does anyone know how long it takes for milk to dry up?

Thank you


  • hi,just a thought.Were u still having af whilst bf??could be the return maybe? xx
  • It can take a couple of months to fully dry up. It may well be a tummy bug. Are your breasts hard and lumpy, do they full hot to touch, if so it might be mastitis, it is often caused when the milk ducts are full...e.g stopping feeding. Check with your gp xoxox
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