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can anyone help me? I can't work out a feeding routine


Well Teddy is 7 1/2 months old he has three solid meals a day and breastfeeds 2-3 times a night, once before breakfast, sometimes one mid morning if not before lunch the a couple of feeds in the afternoon then again about 3 times before bed.

Has any one manage to find a routine that works because Teddy seems to be all over the place?

Do you feed just before breakfast, lunch and dinner or just after or inbetween?

I would just like to know other peoples routines to see if I can establish a better one my self.

Thank you in advance for any advise people could give me.

Kimberley and Teddy


  • Hiya,

    My lo is nearly 11 months and has a long bf first thing in the morning and one just before bedtime with typically another one during the day. I'm trying to remember what he was doing at 7 months - think he was on four a day, one first thing, one mid morning, one mid afternoon and one before bed. It's only more in the last couple of months that he is less interested in the daytime feeds. I tend not to feed just after he has a meal as he is less hungry and therefore takes less milk. Only advice I can give is to try and bf in a quiet place with no distractions as if there's antyhing going on when I'm bfing then my lo just gets far too nosy and won't feed as well. Hope that helps!

    Em x
  • At 7 1/2 months my lo was having a bf when she woke up, then breakfast about 45 mins later. We were just about cutting out the mid morning feed, so then it was lunch at about 12, a bf at 3pm ish, and dinner at 5pm and bf at 6.30pm before going up to bed for bath and story etc.

    I would suggest you might want to start cutting out the night time bf'ds. They are very likely to be habit. Your lo should be getting enough solids during the day, and if not it is probably because the night time feeds are interfering. We cut ours out one at a time, by offering water. It took a little while, but it did work eventually. You may find that that helps the daytime routine too, and vice versa!. Good luck. x
  • Thank you for your replys. I am trying so hard to not feed in the night, I slept in the lounge yesterday cos he just kept opening his mouth every time he looked at me in bed! lol. I'm giving him a rusk after his bath and a feed before bed to see how much difference that makes.
    I'll keep updated.
  • I would definitely cut out the night time feeds, my health visitor said they didn't need them from about 5 months. Is it possible to move him to a different bedroom where he can't see you? Do you have anyone who can help you at night? My son fed every 2 hours day and night and I was exhausted with him. When he was 4 1/2 months old the health visitor told me to stop as he didn't need them (he had slept through the night on a couple of occasions). When he woke through the night I got my husband to go through and tuck him in. We though we would have hours of crying but he was back to sleep within a few minutes once he realised he wasn't getting any milk! I wouldn't feed before a meal as that will stop him eating, like the others suggested, one first thing, one at bedtime and a couple mid-morning and afternoon are plenty.
  • Hey!! My lo is 7 months . . . This is our routine. . . 7.30amish wake up breastfeed . . 9am breakfast + beaker of water. . . 1ish lunch + bottle 4ozish . . 4pmish breastfeed . . 6pm dinner + beaker of water. . 7pm bottle 3oz. . 7.30pm bath + bed 8pm breastfeed. . . . . . . . . . . But the last few days shes cutting out the 4pm (she always falls asleep after this feed) i been using a dummy and cuddling her and she goes to sleep. . . . I cut down her breastfeeds by introducing a bottle and water wit food and it did work wit my lo. She only has an ounce or two of water but all helps. Good luck x x
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