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hi there again,

thinking of trying a dummy with Skye so I get her to sleep bit better and cos my nipples are getting sore and would like advice.

My plan is to feed her as much as poss beforehand, then give her the dummy when i put her in her cot.

how many minutes do you usually feed your baby for?
how would I know that Skye isn't still hungry, when she is given a dummy or Im n ot depriving her of food, particularly as she is fed on demand?




  • Hi there

    I used a dummy with Max and he was exclusively breastfed and I worried about this too esp with the demand feeding but in the end it was DEAD easy. If he just wanted to suck he would take the dummy but if he REALLY wanted/needed a feed the dummy would just be spat STRAIGHT back out!!!! I would always try giving him the dummy a few times and then if it kept coming out it was a feed he wanted!! Very easy to tell. It took him a while to get used to the dummy - when we first tried it he couldn't control it to suck it but a few weeks later after a very bad night we tried again and he just took to it! He then had it till he was 10.5 months when we weaned him off it as it wasn't working anymore!

  • My lo wasn't very interested in taking a dummy so I can't really help on that but have you tried lanisol (sp?) cream for your nipples? You can put it on before and after feeds as it doesn't matter if baby touches it and it really, really helps with sore nipples.
  • hi rthere,i use a dummy with grace to help settle her to sleep but didnt use it until we had got bf properly established.Can i ask how old your lo is?sore nipples can be a sign of bad positioning,have you had that checked out at all? xxx
  • Hi Hollysmum,
    lo will be 4 wks old on Wednesday. Nipples aren't sore when baby is sucking, only when putting her on in the first place. I think it is from a lot of feeding, possibly.

    After giving her the dummy today for sleeping, she did refuse it later on when she was hungry, so that was a good tip Craftycharli.
  • Glad to have helped - I think generally when they are hungry they will make sure you know about it! :lol: !
  • have u tried expressing a little milk from the nipple and rubbing it on after a feed as this can help with the soreness.Your little one could be going thru a growth spurt at this age and lots of feeding could be a reason xxx
  • well the dummy seems to have worked and dont think it has interfered with feeding - as my breasts feel softer after feeding - so this must mean skye has ate. although i dont give her the dummy much, I feel like it is light at end of tunnel if Skye has been awake for hours and needs to sleep. also gives dh and i some time for us time.
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