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expressing in the bath

i never seem to get much milk when i express and i have reed that people use warm flannels before to help, so i decided to go one step further and pump while i was in the bath and it worked. i kept massaging my boob with a hot sponge and my milk flowed really well. just though id let you know incase anyone else wted to give it ago.



  • can I just add to that and say that it is especially good to express in the bath with a hot flannel if you have lumps or mastitis as the heat helps to get rid of them and helps the milk flow more easily.
    I remember waking up at midnight when lo was a newborn with one breast as hard as a rock and as I frequently get mastitis and lo was too sleepy to feed and get rid of the lump I had a bath and it helped.

    ps it's obviously not wise to use an electric pump in the bath!!
  • hi ya i too always express in the bath as you r relaxed and it does help with the flow of milk as i love relaxing in a bath and ive found sitting on my bed not quite the same im board after a few minutes watching and waiting its like waiting for paint to dry
  • I used to do that. I would run half a hot bath, express, get oh to feed to baby while I topped up the bathed and soaked. Almost perfect, just a shame that when I started my boobs didn't want to stop till I got out a cooled down. LoL.
    X X X
  • For mastists and a blocked duct when you get in the bath if you go in boobs downs/ face down the milk just comes out and you have to massage them less I have found which is much more comfortable.
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