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Expressed milk when out and about??

Hello girls,

Was wondering as breast milk is kept in the fridge and then warmed up or left at room temp - is it ok to transport the milk say when shopping for the day - my little on is 17 days old so still has a little difficulty latching on quickly so bit difficult when out and about. I have 4oz in a bottle ready to go just wanted to make sure it wouldn't go bad if left out of the fridge for a few hours.

Thanks for your help,

Amy N Amber xx


  • Hi, I am not bfing but I think breastmilk is fine at room temp for at least 8 hours. My friend's 9 month old would not take a bottle & she was trying to stop bf in the day so she expressed milk and gave her it throughout the day in a cup. She was fine...If you are worried though you could have the breastmilk in a cool bag and then warm when needed x
  • Hmm, I don't think that you're supposed to leave bm at room temp for very long. I have taken bottles of ebm out with me, I usually take an ice pack and put the bottle straight from the fridge into an insulated cool bag so it stays cold until it is needed. The only problem is that it is still cold when lo gets hungry and can take a while to warm up. Maybe someone else has a better solution...
  • Hi hun have looked it up for you and good thing too as turns out my friend was wrong - EBM at room temp is fine - but for 4 hours not 8!
    Here is the article:

    It does say you can store BM at room temp for 4 hrs however only if the temperature is less than 25 degrees C (that's OK then - lol).
  • Oh thanks hun, has all the info I need on it - your fab!! xxxx image
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