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Ok so as the subject states I am in dire need of help!!!! I have a 17day old who manages a good sleep during the day (times on a daily basis changes, but can be up to 6 hours) which sometimes has me waking her after 3 hours to give her a feed....firstly is this a good thing or should I just leave her be and wait for her to wake up for a feed?, she is usually awake from about 6pm to 9.30 where she then nods off for the night, she wakes up about every 2 half - 3 hours wanting feeding, my main problem is that when she is awake during the day I feel like she constantly wants feeding, we do the changing nappies/cuddles/attempts and sleep and entertainment but when you succumb to feeding she is happy, this goes in cycles of every 45mins to 1hour!!!! I have now opted for the breast substitute aptimel to use in conjunction with breastfeeding to see if this will give her a more substantial feed but is anyone else having this problem??? or has anyone got any advice??? x


  • It sounds like she is having a growth spurt and her wanting to feed every 3 hours is her way of increasing your milk supply. At this age they don't know the difference between night and day and they have to be taught!
    If she is waking every 2.5 - 3 hours during the night, i'd say she's not having enough in the day. I wouldn't let her sleep for more than 4 hours between feeds during the day, and I would say always breast feed her first rather than give formula. The problem with offering formula top ups is that she then may go longer between feeds, but you'll milk supply will adjust to that and you'll get into a viscious circle!
    It does feel like they are constantly feeding at this age, but it does get better.
    She won't be like this for long, but I'd let her feed as much as she needs to.
    Make sure you are eating and drinking plenty (especially drinking) as this also helps your milk supply.
    I used to struggle at night times (around 9-10pm) and would feel like I had run out of milk and so I did introduce a bottle, but not until she was 4 weeks old.
    They arent like this for long, it soon gets to the stage where they only want you once a day, so definately make the most of it!!
    Hope that helps....
  • Hi Kohei, yes it does thank you and puts my mind at rest, I have asked the HV about this but they do give a very scientific answer and having this advice from someone who isn't here for their job makes alot of difference! Ok so persevere, what about using the pump to keep my supplies up, I was thinking of expressing (I managed 2 bottles this morning even after feeding her!) so bottle feed with my milk, every alternate feed breast feed and when I don't feel I have enough then resort to formula, like you mainly done in the evening?? I'm not someone who can go into a cafe and start to BF so I would rather have a bottle handy whether it is from me or formula????? x x
  • I remember those early days, its difficult when it feels like they are feeding constantly isn't it! But well done for persevering. But like Kohei said, it isn't long that they feed like that for (although it doesn't always feel that way when your in the midst of it!). What i would say is feed her on demand throughout the day, the more the better, as this should help her go longer at night. If she has a long sleep in the day then wake her after 3 hours to feed her. If she will then its worth trying to 'cluster feed' her in the evening. Even though your breasts may not feel so full, 80% of your milk is actually made whilst you are feeding, and this milk that you produce at the end of the day is full of calories so this should help her go a little longer. Unfortunately you baby is still so young so she may not be able to go any longer than that, as her tummy is still super tiny, but it does get better, and your not alone, so hang in there, and enjoy the time to rest and watch a movie! My DD, now 10 months, wont sit still for 5 mins anymore! Take care and hope your feeling a bit better now
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