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Help - LO refusing feeds

My 13 week old baby has recently started refusing feeds.
She's just getting over a cold and has fed fairly well throughout this. she has no problems breathing during a feed but just keeps on pulling away during a feed and is hardly taking anything at all.
Still wet nappies but not so many dirty ones as normal.
She used to sleep 9-3 then 3.30-7 but is now waking every couple of hours for a snack through the night.
My boobs are starting to get engorged and i'm worried my supply will reduce - and i've had a lot of problems with my supply during Jan.
She's only put on 3oz in 2.5 weeks - tho she is very active always waving her arms and kicking her legs.
I'm just worried she's not getting enough. Has this happened to anyone else? Whats your advice?
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