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Using me as a dummy

My daughter is using me as a dummy. She is 11 days old. Any suggestions on what to do?

We do not want to introduce an actual dummy though. We saw a very good paediatrician who told us all the cons of a dummy, so we are not really pro dummy people now.



  • congratulations mrs kittyboo!
    i probably dont have any good advice, but both my girld did this! its their way of getting comfrt from you, they want to be near you and where better? it also means they are making you produce more milk. so basically, my advice is let her do it. i did this, just let her do it whenever she wanted. at around 8 weeks when she was more alert and awake, she did it less, and then settled into a routine and stopped doing it.
    i may be wrong but they dont do it forever, and its a lovely way to bond, get some rest yourself and enjoy these special days. obv i am an advocate of just going with what lo wants to do.
    if however you dont like it and want to change it, you could try a number of things, from swaddling, warming basket with a hot water bottle, giving her to daddy etc.
    good luck x
  • Congrats MKB!! My baby girl is doing this too and the midwife said to hand her to hubby straight after a feed or put her straight down if that isn't possible.
    We actually gave our lo a dummy (I really didn't like the idea but was willing to try) just for the night time as she was waking me up not to feed but just to have a suck (sorry I haven't worded that very well have I?!)
    She had the dummy for 2 nights then discovered she could suck her thumb so didn't bother with the dummy again. She does seem to be growing out of it already now.

    Good luck!

  • Hi,

    My son was also like this and I did try to get him to have a dummy (he was in SCBU and they reccomended the dummy for when he had any procedures as sucking is a form of pain relief) but he WOULD NOT take it! Hubby ended up using his finger when he had any procedures done and that worked well, is this something you could consider?

    Other than that I would say let her suckle as much as possible as it does help build up your supply but if it is making you sore then take her off and try comfort in another form- rocking/ cuddling etc. If it is right at the end of a feed and she is not coming off and you are not feeling sore it may be something called 'flutter sucking' this is when the baby is drawing the final remains of the fatty rich milk from the breast.
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