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Hi ladies,
Orla is 4 months old today and still breastfeeding well (clever boobies!) I just wanted to know what are your daily feeding/sleeping patterns if you have any. I vaguely follow the easy routine, so she wakes for a feed, plays, change then sleeps. I still feel like a headless chicken when it comes to bedtime so I thought I could see what your all doing and maybe get some idea's.
She has also started waking in the night for an extra feed on tope the one she already has. Is there anyway to get back to one night feed or do I have start weaning her?

Cat xxx


  • hi, if it helps we are not really in a routine and lo is 14 wks. he falls asleep on the boob at arounf 10ish and will sleep till 4ish for a quick feed of 10mins, then falls asleep till 8ish which i cant complain about, but during the day he very often just snacks so if im in all day, he will be on/off every 2 hrs. if we are out, he can survive without a feed for up to 4hrs.

    he wont take a bottle either!!

    so, i dont think you are the only one who hasnt cracked a routine yet! x
  • Septmumtobe, my bubba is 15 weeks today and feeds exactly as you describe! She is just starting to bring her own bedtime down now and was flat out by 9.45 last night but everything else is exactly the same!
  • just to say my lo is now 5 months and it is only in the last month or so that i found things have really kicked into place. I have been trying the EASY routine on and off since 6 weeks. He really struggled as he was quite bad a napping but over the last few weeks he is napping much better and at mostly the same time each day. he now takes 4 feeds during the day and a dreamfeed.

    My routine is roughly as follows:

    7am Milk feed
    9am sleep (1.5hrs)
    11am milk feed
    12pm solids (started last week)
    1pm sleep (1.5hrs)
    3pm milk feed
    4.30pm catnap (30-40mins)
    5.15pm solids
    6pm bath
    6.30pm milk feed
    7pm bed
    10.30pm dreamfeed (formula)
    generally sleeps through til 7am

    Before starting solids the routine was as above just without the solids.

    I was really struggling a month ago and couldn't really see how i could stretch his feeds out if he wasn't sleeping well but it all of a sudden clicked into place. I didn't really do anything different he just started napping longer by himself.


  • Hello Honey!

    What's the easy routine?

    Olivia Rough Routine is -

    7am left boob - lots of cuddles
    8am right boob -lots of cuddles
    9am left boob
    10 am right boob

    1pm (I have a feel trying to remember which I did last! :lol: she'll shout at me if I get it wrong!! :lol: )

    4pm another feed

    6pm feed

    8:30pm feed
    9:30pm feed
    massage or bath
    10:30pm feed
    11:30pm feed - then sleeps though till morning *touches wood millions*

    the rest of the day is a bit of a blurr & depends on what we have "planned" :lol: usually me trying to stop Charlie from clonking her on the head with rolls of Christmas wrapping paper or me & charlie singing row row row with her (at Charlie's frequent request! lol) x
  • They have a growth spurt at 4 months which is why she's waking for an extra feed, I wouldn't start weaning yet, she should settle down again once the growth spurt has passed.
  • Thank you for you replies ladies! Nat the easy routine is
    E-Eat, breast, bottle and or solids
    A-Activity, play, change nappy
    Y-You, time for yourself (yea right!)
    romy I don't want to starting weaning her yet either. My hv did say I may have to wean her early because her weight was dropping, but I know breastmilk is far more calorific than any food I give her so I'll stick with it for now. I had completely forgotten about the 4 month growth spurt! I guess thats why she is feeding extra at night!
    Thanks again girls, a bit of reassurance does wonders!

    Cat xxx
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