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Fed up with justifying myself


I think that people should do what ever they feel comfortable doing, ie ff or bf their baby.

BUT Im (and I even write this post a little fearfully) sick to death of justifying why I choose to breastfeed. Whatever peoples views are, breastfeeding is the most natural thing and I dont see why I should have to defend myself.

Sorry just need to vent



  • I agree, I found that most people were supportive to start of with but as my los got older I kept getting the "when are you giving up" question, even my gp asked me at my los 8 month check, wanted to reply "when hes 18 and saying bitty" :lol:
  • i agree its the most natural thing, no one should have top justify how they feed their baby they should just accept that you made the choise that was right for you and that should be good enough. x
  • I can't believe the questions I have received from those who choose to bottle feed. I would never ask them to justify their decision, so why should I? In my experience it seems acceptable for those who use formula to point out the negatives of breast feeding, but woe betide a bf'ing mum to express negative attitude towards those who choose not to do so. Last question I had ???????why are you dong it -were you forced to breast feed by the nurses in hospital???????? :\? - Eh no, I am a grown woman wo is perfectly able to make my own choices and I breast feed because I want to.
  • I got really fed up with the Hv telling me my milk wasnt enough and i was only feeding Ol over 6 months because I was selfish...
    I also had people we knew telling me that 5 1/2 months (when we went on honeymoon) was the perfect time to stick him on formula, or that this time was great for stopping, and that i was only making a rod for my own back...... image

    I ignored all those, and just listened to the people who knew what they were talking about, and who said how nice it was to see someone bf.

    Never got any negative attitude in public, but we have an active sure start centre round here, and the recently named and shamed two places for being bf unfriendly..... :lol:

    Some of the things people say about bf is so misinformed, and completely wrong that it just beggars belief! image:lol:

  • deep breath double bubble now repeat the following any time some one asks why ur doing it MY BABY MY BOOBS MY BUISNESS. i get alot of questions as my area seems quite prudish about bf n i was nice now it just drives me mental!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Hey - that could be our car sticker slogan - can you imagine pulling up behind a car that says


    Hehe - if only there were a way - Dragon's Den here I come!xx
  • ha it..I am getting a t-shirt made....

    I still BF Amelia who is 7 months. I have no plans to give up at moment. However, my friends are losing patience with me. Amelia wakes at about 3am for a feed so I am tired. Also, she BF still about 5 to 6 times a day. She not really fussed on food as such and was 5 weeks early so she still not quite 6 months age adjusted. Anyhow, we are planning a huge girls night out and I cant really get pissed. My mates (or so called) are giving me hard time about still feeding her. They are saying things need to get that baby on the bottle fast... whoa...hang on there. Imagine if I said to a FF need to get that baby on the boob fast> I would be shot at dawn! However, we have to take it on the chin and smile and justify why we are BF......grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dont get me started...

    I agree totally and 100% that a woman has the right to feed her baby bottle or breast..totally respect anyones choice. Therefore all I want is the same acceptance of why I chose to BF my babies.. to the tshirt printers now....

    d xxx
  • Love the t-shirt idea! What about a matching one for lo,
    My Mummy
    My Boobs
    My Dinner
  • see knew u guys would love my mantra! my hubby's mum got really offended when i said that to her after the tenth time she asked are u ever gonna stop bf! hes only 4months n was 2weeks early love bedheads baby t idea may get luca one hehee
  • LOVE IT! I'm gonna become a millionaire courtesy of Duncan Valentine et al!!xx (is that even his name?):\?
  • i totally know how you feel. my family were constantly questioning why i was bfing and how he should be got on formula straight away. i went home for a week (as i live 200 miles away) and i was constantly harrassed about it and Sam was only 3 months. i got really upset and cried a few times as i felt my own family should support me. what really worried me was that my next door neighbour was the worst and she looks after young mums and was really critical of anyone who bf.
    definately think mum and baby t shirts are a good idea am i right in thinking its duncan balentine so do you want to give them 10% of the business for 1 million te he
  • lol i think more like 5% as he doesnt own boobies!!!!!!!!!!! but he has got six kids so maybe 7% lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I havent been on for a while as whole house has had sickness, (the kids i can cope with but dh is another matter entirely!)

    Neway I feel heartnend to read these responses, I will also be ordering a My Baby My Boobs My Buisness tee shirt and think we should all appear on dragons den with our boobies out!

    People seem to think that breastfeeding isnt natural, but I dont see how you can say that it isnt, at the end of the day, as gross as it might sound we are all mammals and our boobs are like all other mammals udders/teats etc,. At the end of the day if our fore mammas hadnt breast fed their babes we wouldnt be here!

    A midwife had the cheek to tell me that i should use ff as it had been around for so long, sorry but ff been around for under 100 years, breastfeeding has been around since we were monkeys.

    Like other posters have said, I dont care how people feed their babies, I just wish people would stop caring how i feed mine!

    xxDBxx MB,MB,MB!
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