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brestfeed baby with a 4yr old about

hello ladies i am g/c from due in dec and been thinking about how i will cope brestfeeding a baby and caring for my 4yr old at the same time... I am aiming to do as long as i can BF and express if i can....
I never BF my son.... I didn't want to harsh i know i had PND and didn't want him close to me... Hoping this time i will be ok and i would really love to try.....

How do u do it??? feed baby look after child and at some point i am going to have to fit in house work and laundry etc... i have been reading that babies can want feeding every 2/3 hours - glad i have a 2bdroom flat lol
All i can think about is how easy it was to grab a bottle and feed my son and after just get on with housework.....

Any tips????

Thanks gembags xxx 17+1 image


  • Hello, I'm g/c from TTC, Toddler and Children with Special needs but bf my little boy till he was 8 ad half months old and loved it.

    I'm sure you'll do fine, most hosp now have bf support so take full advantage of that, but most of all don't try and do everything every day.

    I personally found (after the initial couple of weeks which were very hard work) that bf was so more convenient, literally pick up the baby and feed, no sterilizing, no making up bottles, no heating or cooling milk just the most amazing, good for your baby, fast food I'm a huge fan haha

    The housework used to get done in fits and starts and I used to get sister or mum to lend a hand if I was very tired but if you play your cards right, your 4 year old will be the best helper ever.

    good luck with it all
  • Hiya, ive got a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 20 week old who is BF,. I hear a lot of people saying how they had to bottle feed or stop bf because they had other kids to look after. I can only speak from my experience and i bf my ds2 with a 17 month old and now my new baby with the other kids. I find it so much easier to bf having them around. You dont think about it but bottle washing, sterilising, making up feeds, heating bottles etc all take up time. When for example ive been doing the nursery run, i come in chuck the kids lunch down and whack out the boobs. Job done! When i should be dealing with the bottles i can do the dishwasher, hang out the washing and sweep the kitchen floor.

    I know some people have a lot of help, and for the first 2-3 months, my mum came over maybe once or twice a week to help with my housework, or at least take the big boys away to let me get the housework done. I dont have any help really with the kids/.baby or housework. Maybe if someone else was there and would give the baby his bottle, it would be easier to bottle feed but i am the one who has to do it so it is def easier to feed myself.

    Its never going to be easy with a newborn what ever you do, so you have to make up your own mind and do what suits u.

    Good luck

    Gemm x
  • My dd1 is 5 so a slightly bigger age gap. I've had no problems with it, she watched a bit at first but the novelty soon wore off and she just goes off and plays. As for the housework, do what you can when you can and don't worry about the rest.
    The most difficult time for me is when we get home from the school run, we get home between 4 and 5.30, depending on after school activities. It can be hard trying to feed lo, get dinner ready and get them both bathed and ready for bed at a decent time. I got a slow cooker which was a really good investment so I can make dinner in the morning when lo is napping and then its ready whenever we get home.
    There will be times when lo is going through a growth spurt when it can be tough but you just do what you can and don't beat yourself up about what you can't. I also found making dd1 a helper was a good little trick, she would be in charge of fetching me a muslin and making sure I had enough water.
    Good luck with it and I'm sure you'll work out a routine that works for you.
  • Thank you ladies look's like something were going to have to learn to do together image

    My 1 stress is i dont have family about and i wont have them back for when bebys here - long story..... Look's like i am going to have to learn to fit in housework with everything elce and learn if it gets done it will image

    Thank you so much xx
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