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electric or manual???

hi ladies
i usally post in due in june, but im planning on expressing breast milk to feed my baby, this is my first baby so i have never had to do this before lol, but which do you think is better a electric pump or manual, im using the TT close to nature range for all my babys feeding equpitment, and i know they do both manual and electric xx


  • I have the Avent manual but recently bought the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature electric and I like it much better. Can't comment on the TT manual pump though. I just find it so much easier not having to concentrate all the time on pumping but can do other things like read or watch TV - and because I am more relaxed I get better results too.

    I think the TT electric is 50% off at Mothercare still if you get in quick?? If not I would wait as it is often on sale. Then it's almost the same price as the manual and great value.

    C image
  • electric definitely xx
  • I've never tried manual but use medela electric and they are great. I use TT closer to nature bottles to feed and just transfer the milk from the medela storage bottles as my TT's don't have lids, only teats. Sure you must get lids with the pumps though but I'd make sure as you do need somewhere to store the milk to.
  • If you plan to express for all/most of your feeds then deff electric!

    I use the medela swing and it's great.

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • Medela Swing electric if you plan on a lot of expressing!
  • thanks ladies xx
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