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hello just want a bit of advice really

i am only 13 weeks preg and i really want to try breastfeeding this time and i wondered is there a certain cream you can use on your nipples that you dont have to wash off evertime you want to feed you lo and also do you use it from the start or just if you get sore?

Also how easy is it to get baby into a rountine? as i have a well he will be 3 when baby is born and i want to make sure i still spend time with him to i dont want to be feeding all the time

bit clueless really to all this so any info would be great

oh i have heard this cream Lansinoh???? nipple cream is very good but any advice on if it is or whats better would also be very helpful

sorry for all the question lol


  • lansinoh and kamillosan are the only ones as far as i'm aware that don't need washing off, howver, i cldn't use these as they contain lanolin to which i'm allergic, my mw advised me that actually a little ebm on ur nipples workes wonders and also doesn't need washing off, worked a treat for me. also to avoid sore nipples a little dot of vaseline in the middle of ur breastbad stops ur nipple sticking to the pad (use to happen al the time and omg did it hurt), it really helped. if u use stuff from the start it shld prevent soreness and prevention is better than cure. i can't really help with the routine side, as i mixfed ds from 3 weeks, he had on ff at 'bedtime' and that really helped our routine but i can't help with an exclusive bf routine sorry.

  • I was hooked on advent nipple cream it worked wonders when i had sore nipples, for me it gets 11 out of 10 it is that fantastic.
  • I didn't really have a routine for bf my last daughter (number 5) as with them all i have always fed on demand. Can you not encorporate doing bf with reading a book or watching his favorite tv show something like that?
  • I put on Lansinoh after EVERY feed from day 1 and in almost 5 months of breastfeeding I have not had sore nipples once! It's definitely worth the money.

    I think at the beginning it's important to feed on demand to make sure your milk comes in and the supply is established. I have continued to feed on demand and don't really have a routine but a friend of mine has followed Gina Ford (which is VERY routiney and regimented) and is still exclusively breastfeeding at 5 months. So it's definitely possible to have a routine.

    A good idea I heard was to go shopping for some special toys with your older child, which you put in a bag, and the bag is only allowed to come out when you are BFing your new baby. That way your older child actually looks forward to you feeding all the time!

    Good luck xx
  • I used Boots own nipple cream back cracked nipples for a few days but then all was fine. Its so much cheaper.

  • Most important thing with bf is getting attatchment right. I developed sore nipples due to an undiagnosed Tongue tie in my dd, this meant she was not latching on properly. I bought three different creams including Lansinoh. They are all still nearly full. The lansinoh caused a rash around dd mouth, so I stopped using it. Instead I went to a bf consultant at my hospital, joined the support group and had dd referred to have tt corrected. I am still exclusively bf and have no problems at all with sore nipples.

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