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HOW DO I KNOW WHEN BREAST HAS BEEN DRAINED? do i know that bab yhas received fore and hind milk?



  • For me (and of course it won't be the same for everybody) I just let my baby feed from me for as long as he wanted on just the one side per feed. Then I could ensure he was getting all the good fatty milk as well as the fore milk. My MW said to me, imagine it's like having a 3 course meal when you feed bubs, they have the starter (fore milk) the main (hind milk) and then sometimes and it might be a while after they could go back for pudding! I always put him back to the same side if it was within an hour of the feed starting so he could do this.

    Sometimes, if he was having a hungry day and seemed to want to graze all day I would feel a bit sore and 'empty' so I would then swap him over earlier than the 1hr.

    Hope that helps?!

    Congrats on new baby by the way!
  • i agree with Dinks- you will just sort of "know" yes very helpful from me!!
    i would say that if lo has a really good feed and you can hear lots of swallowing, 15mins would prob empty boob, but then if lo drops off and wakes again within the hour (from when you started the feed) then pop lo back on same boob. xx
  • I'm quite new to this! 1 week today! image

    & am soley Breast feeding, For me I listen to the sounds of the sucking.. the first drink part is a quick tutting sound and the hind milk is more of a slow slurping sound - then if i'm not sure I feel my boob to see if there is a diffrence, & more baby possition of one part of the boobie feels harder than another to enccourage that bit of milk out, then lastly I have a little squeeze and see what comes out & how freely it comes - normally if my boob is finished tho baby will let go but still snuggle for more so i'll try her again on the same to make sure & then more her if I think it's done.

    :lol: not very scientific of me but it's how we've been doing it & she is making her birth weight back up lol so it muct be working to some extent hun! HTH xx
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