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Manual or Electric Pump????

Hi, i have had different opinions on Both types of breast pumps and was wondering what is the easiest and most comftable?


  • Electric!!!!

    I express 4x a day and have a Medula Swing. I love it and am actually expressing now whilst typing this so easy to use.

  • I've got a TT closer to nature manual one, I expressed last night and this morning and got 5oz from both attempts combined (1st time) it's fairly easy to do but I think if I'm going to carry on I might 'treat myself' to an electric one as do get handache!
  • Manual for me! I've exclusively expressed now for 6.5 months using manual pumps (was 7 times a day for about 6 months), I couldn't get on with electric. They were too noisy and uncomfortable to use, which I think made me tense up and I barely got any milk using them. I've got an Avent pump and it's smooth, quiet and gentle on breast and hand.

    MrsT, I found my TT used to hurt my hand, although over time I toughened up to it. It was only when I got my Avent one I realised just how much hard work the TT was! It didn't help that I broke the handles on 2 of them, both within 2 weeks!
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