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Explosive watery poop

I have a 3 week old baby who has explosive yellow watery stools each time he goes. Not only this but he is constantly pushing and kicking all throughout the day and night and screws up his face like he's trying to poop. Because of this he cries a lot as it really seems to bother him which is really upsetting for me.
Also, everytime i BF him his tummy always makes loads of rumbling noises and i usually let him feed until he stops.

Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this coz its really upsetting to watch. Thank you. x


  • It sounds like he just has a touch of wind hun. The watery yellow stools are normal, most bfed babies have poo like that to start with, it might thicken up when he gets a bit bigger, or it might not! They do tend to be a bit explosive if they have wind as well as the wind often comes out at the same time. I used infacol for my little lad when he was tiny (he's 14 weeks now) and that helped a lot, although I could sometimes still hear his stomach grumbling when I was feeding him. If you do try the infacol don't give up if it doesn't work straight away, it takes a day or two to get into their system. He will probably grow out of it by about 12 weeks, most babies get a lot more settled at about this age.
    Hope that helps
    Kerry xx
  • Wow this is like reading a post of mine from a few weeks ago. He had exactly the same - really watery explosive poops and rumbling tummy. In fact he still has the rumbly tummy thing now.

    He settled down after the magical 12 weeks and at 17 weeks he now has 3 meals a day and his poops are a bit more solid now. I spoke to a HV that I trust around the time and she reassured me that it is completely normal.

    Get ready with the wipes and spare clothes!xx
  • My lo's poos r exactly the same and she is 15 weeks old, this mornin we'd gone thru a babygro and 2 vests by 10am! I've asked other ppl bout this and they jst say thats how bf babies r!
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