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Hi all!
I successfully breast fed my eldest son but couldn't express at all. I am desperate to express this time (I am 30 in a few wks and really want to go out!!!) I have bought a different pump and am able to express a bit at a time.
I want to freeze the milk until I need it. I have bought sterilised bags. My question is.........Do I have to use a new bag each time I express a little bit or can i express, freeze and then express and add to the same bag??
Thanks in advance
Rach xxxxxxxxxx


  • I know you can add to milk stored in the fridge, but don't know if you can add fresh milk to already frozen. Something tells me you cant do that...? check ona search engine
  • No you can't add to it once its frozen, but you could probably add to it over 24 hours in the fridge then freeze it. Word of warning though, it doesn't keep that well in the freezer. My baby wouldn't have it. It didn't smell too good and after trying several times to get her to drink I tried it and tasted vile. Like off milk. Probably wouldn't store any longer than a month. I had shed loads of the stuff as well, as had to express while Olivia was in special care. Broke my heart to have to throw away all my good work!
  • Thankyou both for your replies! x
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