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Do babies get quicker?


My lo seems to spend much less time feeding recently but is quite happy so I was wondering whether anyone else has noticed this? Do they get the milk they need more quickly as they get older? Are they just better at it?

My lo is 19 weeks and would welcome any views so stop me being so paranoid! He used to feed for anout 45 mins at a time but this has gone down to 30 mins or less sometimes. Is this normal? I think I'm stressing him out by trying to get him to take more than he needs.



  • Don't panic!! it's absolutely fine. They get more efficient at feeding as they get older, if you think about it it makes sense that a bigger baby has a more powerful suck! When my lo was newborn she would take 45 min- an hour, but she went down to half an hour and now at 6 months she only takes 15-20 minutes to take both sides. As long as your lo is settled and content and has plenty of wet/dirty nappies then I'm sure he is fine.
  • its completely normal so dont panic. they get much more edfficiant as they get older. now at 11 months freya will only feed for about 5 mins in the day. as long as he is happy with it im sure that he is getting all that he needs. xx
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