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Silly Quesion - Bibs

Do you use bibs when breastfeeding? Sorry if this is a silly question but I honestly have no idea.

Thanks xx


  • So far I haven't and had no spills! x
  • i've never used a bib for either of my girls, just had a muslin ready. dont think you need them unless lo is really sicky xx
  • :lol: If never needed one WHILE feeding, but Barney used to have to wear one all the rest of the time. He was such a pig he used to overfill himself, and then it all spilt out every time you moved him! I would have a few handy, you can always get more later if you need them and they'll come in handy for weaning either way.
  • i always use one but that's because i have a very fast spurting flow at times and it can get messy!
  • That's great, thanks for the advice xx
  • I tried to use them for the same reason as mrs_e - but my very unhelfpul midwife told me they were getting in the way, so I resorted to stripping him off instead til things settled down. I used muslins loads though, and had lots of newborn sized bibs that were never used!
  • Haven't used bibs for feeding but Peter wears them all the time now due to teething - dribble everywhere! :lol:
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