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Pain, cracked nipples, what can I do..?

Please can anyone advise me, I have cracked nipples, ,one has bled a tiny bit,I've been using gel filled breast pads from the fridge as my boobs felt hot but now my nipples have cracked, painful is too soft a word, I've been using Mothercare cream but it hasnt really helped, my little girl is only 2 days old, I fed my son two years ago for 10 months with no problems.. what can I do to ease the pain?


  • i got this really badly with my 1st baby, and i dound the best thing was nipple shields. I used the avent ones, cant reccomend them enough, I know some people dont get on with them, but i found they really helped. Can be a bit fiddly if your out, as you have to attach them on, then latch baby on- all very difficult to do discreetly. But i think theyre fab.
    hope this helps.
  • Lansinoh cream is the best I think, expensive, about ??10 a tube but worth it, and you can feed through it - can get it in supermarkets, boots or mothercare. My nipples were raw in the early days and although not quite a miracle cure it did help. I didn't learn about the existance of nipple shields until later (!) but would have definitley given them a try if I had. Airing your breasts as much as possible is meant to help too (never managed this as I'd just leak everywhere!), and rubbing a little breast milk into them.

    It's hard now but I promise you it does get better - probably when you, baby and your nipples get more used to this feeding lark.
  • Hiya,

    I had a really bad time when i first began bf my little girl. My nipples were split and looked like they could drop off. I didnt get on with nipple shields either. My HV reccomended paraffin gauze which i found really helped to heal the cracks etc. I also used a breast pump and bottle fed my LO breast milk for some of her feeds. Breast pump was kinder to my nipples than she was and it allowed a longer time with nothing on my nipples so that they could heal.

    It will get better! Good Luck! x
  • Hey I used loads of creams but none worked, my nipples were black with sores. I was adviced to rub my own milk on them whenever I got a bit leaky in the beginning. Worked a charm, I bf my lo for 13 months. He still has a comfort suck at 14 months, my milk stopped few weeks ago though.
  • i found savoy cabbage leaves that had been frozen the placed on your boobs while you have a rest work really well...honest!!! Yes, you might stink like a sunday lunch but it really soothes. I also bought the mothercare pads that you chill and then put inside your bra... also try to air them as much as you can...whilst feeding on one side let the other nipple be exposed (when at home obviosuly not out and about) . Rub a little of your milk on the nipple thats sore and leave to dry.


    d xx
  • Thank-you Mummies, willing to try anything, sent hubby to Mothercare!!..
  • this might sound bizarre, but when mine were sore, i did a really warm bath with about 6 drops of pure lavender oil in, and lay on my front in it with boobs dangling in! the lavender is really healing and i'm sure it did the trick!
  • Ive been having the same problems. bf was going really well for the first week, but this week my nipples are soooo sore. I have been using lansinoh cream which helps a lot and have also been rubbing alittle bit of my milk into the nipple before and after feeds. Im finding feeding painful for the first few minutes (to the point it makes my toes curl) but then the pain goes away and it feels great. Im just hoping the sore bit passes soon because i dont feel ready to feed in public yet...not with the 'ouch faces' i make lol. Looking forward to seeing my health visitor tomorrow...hoping that she can help me out....if i get any good advice ill be sure to pass it on.

    bailey_b and ciara (2 weeks tomorrow)
  • Just wanted to say congratulations marie

    Hoping your nipples are starting to get better.I found the Lanisoh cream the best and also having a soak in the bath as the shower was to painful on my nipples.I have heard that leaving the boobies to air is good - but not always possible !!!

    Also get someone to check your posistioning when feeding - do you have any breastfeeding help groups around your area.

    Please let us know how you are doing

  • hey hunni
    I had this with my baby who is now 19 days old, the first few weeks is hard as your constantly feeding, make sure he has a big mouth of nipple/breast and use Lansinoh cream after every feed and rub your own milk in after this really helped and it does get better. xx
  • i want to breast feed but i thought of using a breast pump to avoid all the crack nipples that everyone talks about. then i read something on the internet that if you dont use it correctly it can also crack your nipples. So now i'm confused...any advice?

  • Michelle, you don't always get cracked nipples from breast feeding. I fed my daughter for 18 months & didn't get any bleeding or cracked nipple. It sounds like you're talking about exclusively pumping which I've heard can be very demanding & time consuming. A new born spends a lot of time feeding so if you were pumping you'd be pumping & feeding & I don't think you'd have much time for anything else.

    My advice would be to buy some lansinoh (nipple cream that you can buy in any pharmacy or possibly even get on prescription) and you put it on before & after any feed (it's safe to feed with it on your nipples). It can prevent a lot of problems. Then try & see how you get on. Until you start you don't know how you might get on with it.

    Personally I didn't start pumping until my daughter was nearly 2 months old (did it initially so I could go to a friends hen do in London for the day) & found it miore uncomfortable then actually feeding my daughter.

    I would also recommend attending as many breast feeding groups/classes as you can before & after your birth. I joined Le Leache League & went to informal chats whilst still pregnant & learnt so much about what breast feeding is really like in real life so I had an idea what to expect.

    I hope you have an easy time of it, good luck x

  • Happened with me too, I used nipple shields and fortunately they worked for me. I have heard of others, who had to use creams and ointments.

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