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Tips for latching on please

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has some tips for getting lo to latch on properly. She is 4 days old now and my milk is coming in and my boobs are very hard and a bit tender. I don't think she is latched on properly as she doesn't seem to have enough of the boob in her mouth, only the nipple. I've tried taking her off and trying again but she just doesn't seem to want to open her mouth wide enough. Can anyone give me any tips on getting her to open a bit wider?


  • I remember when all my milk came in, mine also went rock hard and were huge! Your baby probably cant get enough of your boob into her mouth as your boobs are to hard for her, so i would suggest expressing a little bit off first, just so that they are a bit softer for her to be able to get her mouth around them easier and see if that helps at all.
  • hi i found if ypu support the babies neck and shoulders more than the head the baby can titl head bsck and open mouth better. also found sitting on sofa was alot easier than bed and have lots of pillows for support. als o if you are having problems ring your midwife and she will come and help you xx
  • Try getting the babies nose level with your nipple as u look down and then once the mouth is WIDE open pop on, i used a v pillow it really helped i also held the head with the hand on the side of the boob i was feeding from and really tuckd ds into me on his side so he was almost wrapping round my tummy
    good luck im sure you will both get the hang of it very soon x
  • This is going to sound awful but try latching her on when she's screaming her head off! Get both of you into position and wait till she's really going for it and she'll open wide - then you can sort of shove yourself in. I had some success with this and after a while they realise they need to open that wide all the time.

    Good luck!

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  • i agree with the others, express some milk off so your boob isnt so had as this makes your nipple too difficult to latch onto. make sure your actual nipple is pointing up towards the roof of lo's mouth so she can draw it in too. the trick is to wait til her mouth is really wide and then bring her to your boob really quick (not the other way round) using your hand behind her neck.
    definitely get your mw or to help you with lo only being 4 days old as you need to get it right now. good luck, come back and let us know how you go xx
  • Thanks for all your replys ladies. I think we've got the hang of it now - definately easier now boobs are not so hard. xxx
  • well done sarah!! xxx
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