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Hi lovely ladies.

A few of you might have chatted to me before in this forum. I am exclusively bf my 15 week old son Hayden and fed up with having to shop around for the best nursing supplies. I know theres always newbies on here wondering what to buy so i've put together breastfeeding starter hampers that have everything in them you need to get you started. (pumps/pads/shells/muslins/mastitus cool pads/bottles/freezer bags and sterilising tabs.)

I've opened up my own little ebay shop - Boobie Babies Boutique that only stocks products that have been recommended or that i personally use myself and would recommend to others.
This link is to the starter hamper but if you nosey to the right of the page, there's a link to my little shop =D

Hopefully I should stock feeding slings and nursing necklaces by the end of the week. Any feedback or comments is greatly appreciated!

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