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Just some advice please

Hi just back for some advice. Dear little Amy is crying ALL THE TIME lately and she is 11 weeks so I thought growth spurt the problem is I am opffering the best all the time and she still doesn't stop crying. I have had to stoop to the low point of having to give her a 50ml top up of formula at tea time just so she will stop crying long enough to eat my tea. It keeps her quiet for about ten minutes and then she starts again. She does suffer from silent reflux and it can really be a pain for her sometimes but I can't take this we are up to day four of non stop crying. My milk supply is slowly going up but I am so exhausted of course its having a hard time.

I was reading another post where some people were saying not to give formula top ups and I agree if you are just giving the formula instead of a feed but I am putting her on the breast for as long as my nipples can take it before giving formula. I am just not a very good jersey cow. I can't express to give myself a break and give hubby a go because I can only get 50mls out when I do but I know there is more than that in there because when I put her on after expressing she gets big gulps of milk out. I am lost I can't tell if she is hungry, in pain, sick or what she is and its DRIVING ME NUTS. Given it wasn't a long drive :lol: but still why wont she stop crying I hate that she is distressed and I can't help her.


  • oh no image poor little Amy! and you! i do really feel for you as its so difficult when you just dont know whats wrong. However, if topping her up with formula didn't stop her crying either then i doubt its hunger, and it might actually give her more stomach pain trying to digest it. Have you spoken to a health visitor or doctor to see if there is anything else wrong? Growth spurts (as long as you feed on demand like you are) should normally only last 48 hours. Maybe see if you can feed her then your other half could take her out, or you could go out get some fresh air, just to give you a break so you feel more rested and able to deal with it when your back. Sorry to hear your having such a time of it, and i hope things get better soon. hang on in there, your doing a great job xxxx
  • Could she have an allergy? My friends baby allbeit ff was lactose intollerant from 1 mth and screamed day and night! xxxx

    Is baby tired?

  • She rubs her eyes sometimes MrsKittyboo and just to upset me further when we were at my parenting group today she slept when everyone else was holding her. AAAARG! She is just playing up for me the little monkey and here I was all worried about her.
  • Yes, my bubba rubs her eyes as sign of tired...maybe try this..what i used to do...(being a first time mum it took me a while to figure out what moan meant hunger/sleep/pain....basically, each time baby cried/moaned - i wld run through a process of elimination - breast being the first, then sleep that i knew i covered everything. ) Generally for me if it wasnt hunger it was sleep. But for you it cld be her reflux playing up!

    I always tried the breast when my baby was getting figgity, upset etc...if she didnt want it....i wld try to put her to sleep (I rock in my arms). I am hot on changing nappies and winding so I always knew it was either hungry or tired.

    Sorry if i am telling you everything you may do already....but this all helped me xxxx

  • Libranaster, my LO is having a very unsettled week too. I am exclusively breast feeding and he's 10+5 and for the last week he has been crying a lot more than he had been (he had always been a cryer, then stopped and settled for 10 days or so). He has been crying REALLY hard and I just can't figure him out. At his 6 wk check the Dr said she didn't think it was reflux and went along with the HV's diagnosis of reflux but the crying is ALL day, not just at night. So I'm at a loss really.

    He's been waking more than he used to at night as well and always takes the breast when I offer it so have been wondering about whether it's a growth spurt. But it's lasted for more than 48 hours so I dont' think it can be that.

    No help at all sorry, but you're not alone.

    Peeptoe and Hugo (10+5)
  • Well I didn't give her formula yesterday and she slept through the night again so whatever it was the formula wasn't helping. Peeptoe I think Amy was having a growth spurt and it lasted a week I think a few days might be true for some babies but maybe other take longer to finish that big grow especially if they started out small.
  • glad things going better now libranaster! xxx
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