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sore nipples lo is 5 weeks old & I've started 2 breast feed her after 2 weeks of bein bottle fed due 2me gettin mastitis & then thrush in the 1st 2 weeks. So far she seems 2 be latchin on ok but I have 2 top her up with formula which is fine until I get my milk production back up. Anyway, after 3 days of putting her on me my nipples r starting 2 get sore again. She seems 2 b gettin a big enough mouthful & her tongue is down, chin on my breast & bottom&top lip r not tucked in so I don't know what else 2do. My HV sed she wud come round but its tryin 2time it well with feeds &wen I'm in & she's available. Any1 any tips at all??? I'm also using lanolin or kamilosan 2 help xx


  • Hi please try and get some advent nipple cream asap, i have breastfed 4 out of 5 babies and always got dry cracked bleeding nipples until i got the advent nipple cream, i had used the creams you had listed above and i just felt like my nipples got worse. Obviously it wont become a pleasure after the 1st use, but it works to heal the nipples from the inside out and doesn't cause any scabbing which leads to bleeding. I had thrush for the 1st 6 months on and off with number 4 so i know how hard it can be but because i became a stay at home mum i was not giving up without a fight and continued to feed until 17 months. Things will get better just be persistant and use advent nipple cream after every feed also you dont have to waste time washing it off image
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  • Hi jo, its your nipples getting used to it. They take a few days to "toughen" up, even if you have a good latch. Keep applying the lanolin after every feed, but if you get really sore and can't cope with the pain, try hand expressing every other feed. Just to give a bit of a break.
    It will get better and soon enough there will be no pain at all, but you do need to get through the pain barrier first.
    Definately makesure you are getting a good latch tho, as that makes a huge difference between being a little sore and very sore!! (can you get to a local bf group?)
    Keep perservering, you sound like you are doing brilliantly.
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  • Hey there, another idea is to try a nipple shield, they really helped when i had sore nipples, i used them the whole time i breastfed in the end (6 months), good luck with it xx
  • Thank you so much 4 all ur replies. I don't no wot it is but I can never seem 2 get a comfortable latch on at night during the day I'm ok. Tried nipple shields last night but my nipples were just way 2 sore so she had a bottle. It seems 2 b really hit & miss. Also noticed a red patch on left side..its warm but has faded a bit so I'm hoping I'm not gettin mastitis again! Gona try & keep goin tho..keep ur fingers crossed 4 me!xx
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