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strugglin any advice out there?

Roxie is still bf at 6 weeks old which is great but the last few days i think she having a growth spurt or somthing? she is feeding all day long constantly and im empty im sure as she screams after latching on shes not letting my supply build up at all and is not sarisfied after any attempt. i have given in and given herformula for a feed she has drank 2oz and screamed so is now got some more. i know im supposed to let her feed off me all the time to build my supply but she is screaming with hunger! i have my 2 year old to look after and run around after. im really struggling as she wont be put down arrgghh! has anyone else had this and did it pass? cant carryon like this i darent leave the house and dont like using formuka but i cant express any as she has drank it all!!!!!!! help x


  • Hi Hayley. Isaac did exactly the same at about 6 weeks, he was a frequent feeder anyway and rarely went more that 2 21/2 hours normally. I promise you that it will pass, I know it is hard but if you just feed her from you, within a few days your supply will have built up enough to keep up with her. I found that taking Isaac for a walk in the pram after his feed would get him off to sleep and he would go a bit longer between feeds. It must be so difficult for you, I know how demanding Isaac is now, I couldnt imagine having a newborn demanding too. You are doing a fab job and I found that after that 6 week growth spurt things did seem to get a lot easier, Isaac was a real cry baby too so I spent most of my days with him in a sling attached to me as it was the only way I would get anything done. xx
  • yes it does pass! its difficult at the time and i know how u feel as my lo was 3 when dd2 was going through her growth spurt.If you make sure she feeds frm you as much as you can to up your supply im sure it wnt hurt to give just a couple of oz of formula to settle her once your breasts are empty.I found grace had her biggest growth dpurt was at 9 weeks and then after that she settled into a routine of 3 hrly feeds and started sleeping thru the night! you r doing a fab job dnt forget that,big hugs xxx
  • I remember this only too well, and at the same age too! It will pass, although it doesnt feel like it and hearing it makes you feel no better. Just make sure you're eating and drinking lots. xxx
  • i do forget to drink more i must admit as im so busy looking after them both. i do try and feed her from me as much as possible i promise but i can tell if there isnt any left and she screams nothing will calm her except going in the car and belive me its so hard to get out of the house with them both! she is crying with hunger and joseph is crying as he doesnt want to leave his thomas train track! arrgghh! im sure he is creating more because i cant put Roxie down for 5 mins b4 she screams! i have a swing which does help i have to leave her crying sometimes to get stuff done. how hard is it with 2 im not having anymore lol! as for the pushchair! its a tandem double and a nightmare! i swear ill have arms like arnie soon! x
  • hayley - having a water bottle with sipper top and refilling it is great to help u remember to drink. put cap on and tuck it in next to you when bf, so no spills! I do this now still when expressing as always am just an inch too far from reaching my glass! I fill mine with water and bit of orange squash and leave it in fridge overnight...good to go each morn. hope u flg better chick ur doing soooo well keeping on thru the trials, ur my hero!

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  • Hi she has been the same today emptied me at 10Am but she slept a couple hours an had good feed after but its evening when i run out! She had couple oz formula and is now sleepin and due a feed in an hour which will be fine i have been expressing in between even though nothing came out! Its still stimulatin the body i am determined to carry on but its hard. My son has suffered today and played up demandin my attention alot when feeding baby. He hit her with a tin of spaghetti yest in asda its such a hard balance x
  • You're doing so well. It is so hard with a baby and a toddler you should give yourself credit for how well you are doing, expressing between feeds or right at the end is great as it does stimulate the body to make more, the only trouble is the time. Keep going you are doing great xx
  • thanks ladies she has been different again today much more settled i felt full for most of the day so im ok today had more time for my son who has been better beahved. it is difficult to remember to eat and drink lol! well keep on with the programme! xx
  • you are doing so well,i remember the early days but i assure you it does get better.I have it all to come again as im pregnant with number 3 and i will also have to experience the joys of a double buggy!! xxx
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