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ive stopped expressing

and iam really gutted,my twins were born 9wks early so i thought i would express to help them on they way,they were in hospital for 5wks and they came home nearly 4wks ago,i did try and keep up with the expressing when they came out but the nurses did warn me it would be too much as i have a 22month old son and they were right,they have been on formula now for 3wks and iam still upset,i feel like ive failed in some way,i dont understand why its got to me so much as i never BF/expressed with my son and never felt guilty about not doing so and my boobs have stopped leaking so there is no more milk now and i wish in a way i'd never stopped even though its freed up a lot of time and iam spending more time with my son it still making me feel sad
sorry ladies just wanted to moan



  • Aww dont be sad you did the best you could and to be honest i dont think id be able to express for 2 babies and look after a 22 month old for a week let alone as long as you have so try not to be down about it instead give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well for so long
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