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hairdressers app..what do i do?

I know this may sound very self centered but u have a hairdressers appointment 2mora but how do I go about feeding my Lo? Especially as I'm trying 2get her back on breast after bein bottle fed 4 2 weeks? Shud I take my expressed milk just in case she doesn't latch on? I desperately need my hair doin & I've been putting it off 4 weeks!Xx


  • Dont worry - we all need our hair doing!! have you thought about cup feeding her when your there if she doesnt latch on? have you got someone else going with you so you have another pair of hands with this? xxxxxxx
  • Can you feed just before you go and take expressed milk just in case baby won't latch? I went when my ds was a few weeks old and I went and sat downstairs in a quiet bit of the hairdressers to feed whilst my dye was on, the gowns are quite good for putting baby underneath!
  • Thanx girls some gud tips. Will def try the gown thing & will try &feed b4 hand but will take expressed with me incase she doesn't latch on. I've got my partner but theres no way he'll come with me 4that amount of time!ha xx
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