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Am i worrying over nothing???

Just put my nearly 2wk old down 4 her bedtime, gone off 4 some me time & dyed my hair.... Not thinking it could have any side effects. I used it all through my pregnancy but now i have a pang of guilt.. RSVP pls :\?


  • Hi there, don't worry. I know it's not recommended during pregnancy, and with my first I stopped dying mine (I was super-cautious then!) But then I saw that sooooo many women seem to keep dying their hair whilst pregnant, and I have dyed mine in my other 2 pregnancies, with no ill effects. xxx
  • Hi, i dyed my hair though out my pregnancy and still now whilst bfing. Dont feel guilty, many women dye there hair thru pregnancy, the reason i was discouraged was that the hormones could alter the desired colour, although i have read something like a very small amount of the chemicals get absorbed into your body but gets urinated out 1/2 hr later. I'm sure not at a dangerous level to harm though as im sure my MW wouldnt have told me its was ok to dye if it was.
    Hope i've eased your worries

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